Yangtze River Weather – Three Gorges Area
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Yangtze River Weather – Three Gorges Area

Three Gorges

The Three Gorges is a famous tourism resort on the Yangtze River. Because of the special terrain of the Three Gorges, the weather of Three Gorges area is very special in Yangtze River weather.

Yangtze River Weather – Introduction of Weather in Three Gorges Area

The Three Gorges Area is located in subtropical climate zone, where is warm and humid. And the weather in Three Gorges Area is obviously affected by gorge terrain. Among the Three Gorges, the Wu Gorges is the deepest and longest one. It twists and turns, showing the most typical gorge climate features. It can be regarded as the representative of the Three Gorges climate.

Yangtze River Weather – Weather Features of Three Gorges Area

At here, the annual average temperature is 18.4 ℃. The coldest time is January, average temperature is 7.1 ℃; while the hottest time is July, average temperature is 29.3 ℃. The annual precipitation in this area is between 1000 mm – 1400 mm, which almost in July and August. In Three Gorges area, the weather in winter is moderate, weather in summer is hot; the precipitation is plenty, and the four seasons are very obvious. These features of Three Gorges area are almost same as Sichuan Basin and the Middle-lower Yangtze Plain. But, the Three Gorges are very deep, so the duration of sunshine is very short. In winter, the duration of sunshine is only two or three hours in moon; and in summer, the duration of sunshine is just five or six hours. In gorges, the wind is strong and the direction is fixed, almost along the gorge direction. The terrain of the gorges is closed, so the moisture can easily gather here, form fog and clouds. In summer, there often rain cats and dogs, for where is the rain storm center of China; in autumn, the white clouds float on the clear sky; in winter, there often rain for several days; in the turn of spring and summer, the weather is changeable, which will present out new scene.

The river course in Three Gorges area is narrow, the flow rate is changeable and water level range is large. In flood season, the flow rate can reach 40,000 cubic meters to 80,000 cubic meters per second; while in dry season, the flow rate is 3,000 cubic meters per second. The range between highest water level and lowest water level can reach 50 meters. The changes of water level and flow rate in different season make the river course of Yangtze River in Three Gorges area very arduous.

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