Yangtze River Weather – Precipitation
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Yangtze River Weather – Precipitation

Yangtze River

Precipitation in Yangtze River area is an important factor which connected with the Yangtze River Weather. The annual precipitation in the Yangtze River Basin is 1067mm. As the area of the Yangtze River is very broad, terrain is very complex and the monsoon climate is very typical, so the temporal and spatial distribution of annual precipitation in this area is asymmetrical.

Yangtze River Weather – Annual Precipitation Distribution

The annual precipitation in the river source area is less than 400mm, which belongs to arid zone. The annual precipitation in most areas of the Yangtze River is between 800mm – 1600mm, which belong to humid zone. The annual precipitation higher than 1600mm is very humid zone, main in west and east border of Sichuan Basin, Jiangxi, and some districts of Hunan and Hubei. The annual precipitation between 400mm and 800mm is sub-humid zone, mainly located in Western Sichuan Plateau, Qinghai, parts of Gansu and middle of Hanjiang River. The annual precipitation over 2000mm is high rainfall area, which mainly distribute in mountain area, with small scope. Along the Yangtze River, the annual precipitation of Jinshan in Sichuan Province reached 2590mm. It is the highest in the whole Yangtze River.

Yangtze River Weather – Precipitation Distribution in One Year

The precipitation distribution in one year is very asymmetrical. In winter, the precipitation is the lowest. In spring, the precipitation will increase month by month. In June and July, the precipitation in a month reached 200mm. In August, the main rainfall areas move to upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and the precipitation in a month of the west of Sichuan Basin is over 200mm. As the down reaches of the Yangtze River is affected by subtropical anticyclone, so its precipitation in August is less than in April. In autumn, the precipitation in every area begins to decrease. In most areas, the precipitation in October is less than in July about 100mm. The precipitation distribution in a year is that the upper reaches are large, while the south bank of middle and down reaches is small.

Yangtze River Weather – Rainy Days

The rainy days in most areas of the Yangtze River is over 140 days in a year. The Ya An and Emei Mountain district in Sichuan Province are the districts which have most rainy days, are 218 days and 264 days. The annual rainy days less than Sichuan Province is the Kweichow district, is over180 days. The least annual rainy days district is the river source area. The rainy days in Jinsha River, Pan Zhihua district are les than 100 days.

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