Yangtze River Delta
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Yangtze River Delta


Yangtze River Delta refers to the delta rushed by Yangtze River and Qiantang River at where they pour into the sea. The delta includes southwestern Jiangsu Province, Shanghai and northeastern Zhejiang Province. Yangtze River Delta is a part of Yangtze River Middle and Lower Reaches Plain. It covers an area of 50000 square kilometers. Economically, Yangtze River Delta refers to Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province economic belt leaded by Shanghai. This delta is the most potential economic zone which develops rapidly in China.

Yangtze River Delta – Terrain

The terrain here at Yangtze River Delta is low and flat. It is less than 10 meters above the sea level. There are also some mountains sparsely distributed here, including the Hui Mountain in Wuxi, Tianping Mountain in Suzhou, Yu Mountain in Changshu, She Mountain and Tianma Mountain in Songjiang. Some of the mountains stand on the plain while the others stand on the lakes. A lot of them have developed into famous scenic spots while the others became mountains of flowers or fruits.

The peak of Yangtze River Delta is near Zhenjiang. About 6000 or 7000 years ago, it is a triangle port. The estuary of Yangtze River was pretty extensive and had an obvious tides effect. With the jacking of the sea, most of the 0.47 billion tons of sediments brought by Yangtze River precipitated here and formed a sand beach on both banks. The northern sand beach stretches from Yangzhou to Rudong while the southern sand beach stretches from Jiangyin to Shanghai and linked with the northern sand beach of Qiantang River formed Taihu Lake Plain.

Yangtze River Delta – Economic Status

Traditionally, Yangtze River Delta is with Nantong-Yangzhou Canal to its north, Hangzhou Bay to its south, Nanjing to its west and the coast of the sea (include Shanghai, southern Jiangsu Province and northern Zhejiang Province)to its east. It covers an area of 99600 square kilometers with a population of about 75 million. It is a grand plain with a lot of well developed cities. The cities here are of great strength in industry, finance, trade, education, technology and culture. They played important role in the economic development of Yangtze River Basin.

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