Yangtze River Bridges
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Yangtze River Bridges

Chongqing Yangtze River Bridge

There was no bridge across Yangtze River before the funding of new China. People could only take a ferry to cross the river since the transportation is really inconvenient.

Yangtze River Bridges – Brief Introduction

The first bridge across Yangtze River - Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was built in the end of 1954 after the funding of new China. After the reform and opening up, especially after 1995, with the diversification of the construction funds and the rapid development of the bridging technology, a lot of bridges been built across Yangtze River like mushrooms after rain. There are more than 41 super-huge bridges had been built and 18 bridges are under construction across Yangtze River between Yibin and Shanghai till March 28, 2005.

Generally, Yangtze River refers to the lower reaches of Yibin where Jinsha River and Min River meet each other. There are more than 46 bridges across the tributaries of Yangtze River (such as Jinsha River, Tongtian River and so on ) have been built or under construction. There are 14 bridges are under plan or design across the Yangtze River between Yibin and Shanghai. So there are about 105 bridges (including tunnels) have been built across Yangtze River.

Yangtze River Bridges - Significance

Yangtze River was called "natural moat" since people could only take a ferry to cross the river. The transportation between the two banks has to be completely stopped on a bad day (such as a foggy day). People's life and work are greatly influenced. With the development of our society, the communication between two banks of Yangtze River becomes more and more important.

The construction of Yangtze River Bridges greatly changes the traffic condition between the two banks of Yangtze River. The bridges connect the two banks of Yangtze River, alleviate the traffic pressure and also activate the economy.

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