Yangtze Cruises from Yichang – Yangtze Explore Cruise
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Yangtze Cruises from Yichang – Yangtze Explore Cruise

Yangtze Explore Cruise

Among various Yangtze Cruise from Yichang, the Yangtze Explore Cruise is a good choice for visitors to enjoy the Three Gorges scenery. Yangtze Explore Cruise is fiver-star Yangtze River Three Gorges tourist cruise which was evaluated by the National Tourism Administration. The famous Bill Gates who is a giant in political and economy area and the chief of American Microsoft Company, Warren Buffett who is the master of investment, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Gerald . Levin, the Rockefellers and many American senators and representatives ever choose "East King Cruise" or the "Yangtze Explore Cruise" to visit the Yangtze River. The Yangtze Explore Cruises invited the world first-class designers to design the cruise. The ship hull was designed by Mr.Anthony Dugdalem who is famous French ship designer; while the inner decoration was designed by Mr.Andrew Sobenko who is famous English designer. The Yangtze Explore Cruises combines the most advanced things and the most classical beliefs of Western European together.

Yangtze Cruises from Yichang – Cabins on Yangtze Explore Cruise

The superior deluxe Yangtze Explore Cruise has the largest and most deluxe cabins and suites on the Yangtze River, which will give you the comfortable feeling of five-star hotel. The warm color tone in the cabins and natural materials make out the enduring new-classical style. The Yangtze Explore Cruise has 62 rooms, but the largest passenger load is 124. The standard cabin is 27 square meters, with a 3.5 square meters sightseeing balcony.

Yangtze Cruises from Yichang – Details of Yangtze Explore Cruise

The Yangtze Explore Cruise is well-equipped, including three dining rooms, the top deck panoramic bar, sightseeing elevator. The elaborately prepared delicious foods on the Yangtze Explore Cruise, which are made up of best materials by the professional Austria executive cook and professional cooks, will strongly provoke your appetite. The Yangtze Explore Cruise offer passengers fresh and local western food and Asia cate, with hand-picked wine, champagne, hard drinks and soft drinks. During the tourist, the meals and the soft drinks are for free. The over six hundreds SPA which is managed by professional company on the Yangtze Explore Cruise is unique on the Yangtze River. The everyday film and staff performance in the "Tang Dynasty" Theater is attractive for passengers. Sometimes, they also invite some professional performance troupe to show here.

Yangtze Cruises from Yichang – Service on Yangtze Explore Cruise

The management group on Yangtze Explore Cruise is made up of foreign nationality professional staffs who have worked about hotel and cruise management for many years. The explanation about the sight spots and passenger activities on Yangtze Explore Cruise are organized by the foreign nationality manager who is proficient about Chinese and Western culture. Yangtze Explore Cruise also invited West European executive cook to list the dishes on the cruise, and offer free drinks during the tourist.

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