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Yangtze Cruise – Splendid China

Splendid China

Yangtze Cruise – Introduction of Splendid China

Splendid China is a five-star deluxe cruise ship which built under National Tourism Bureau Star-rate ship construction standard. It was ever rented by German and Japan to navigate between Chongqing and Shanghai. The Splendid China has archaized pavilion type glazed tile top, blue glass, white baluster, pavilion style sightseeing platform, extra large hotel style rooms. The activity space on the ship is spacious, which is suitable for sightseeing, leisure and holding meeting. The Splendid China is delicately decorated, with elegance style, looks very beautiful and nice and full of rich nationality color. The Splendid China takes advance American host machine, engine and air-conditioner system, with stable performance. The ship is equipped with central air-conditioner, satellite television, Stereo radio and music system and some other facilities and equipments. The Splendid China navigates on the Three Gorges area between Chongqing and Yichang around the year.

Yangtze Cruise – Features of Splendid China

The Splendid China is one of the eight Yangtze Cruises which recommended to oversea tourists by National Tourism Bureau.

The splendid China is a five-star deluxe hotel on the water surface with typical Chinese characteristics.

The Splendid China is navigates between Chongqing and Yichang around the year.

The Splendid china is a five-star deluxe hotel on the Yangtze River with rich nationality features.

The interior decoration and appearance of the Splendid China fully show the palace style in Chinese Qing Dynasty.

The hall on the ship used granite as the floor.

The cabins on the ship are spacious and bright.

The Splendid China is equipped with international advance host machine, engine and air-conditioner system. The stable performance and low noise of these machines will make your tour more safe and comfortable.

The spacious and bright Ming and Qing Dynasty style sightseeing pavilion is located on the sunshine deck.

The Chinese repast on the ship is full of features. There is no same dish during the tour.

The management on the ship is very strict, and the service quality is very stable.

The well-trained stuff on the ship can speak English.

The various recreational activities on the ship are full o Chinese features, which get the favor of tourists.

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