Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise
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Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise

Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Brief Introduction of Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise

Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise is the result of international cooperation. It is the cruise which built and operated under the international five-star standard on the Yangtze River. The thoughtful service, delicate and delicious foods and deluxe facilities offered by Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise will give you one unique and real deluxe cruise experience on the Yangtze River. In order to ensure the comfortable feeling of the cruise, it added more 20 millions to make the vibration and noise reduction measures and fresh air environmental system reach the top grade of inland river cruise in the world. Now, the noise of the Yangtze River Cruises almost is over 65 db. By introducing French techniques to make the engine and mating other high technology vibration and noise reduction measures, the noise of public area on Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise is about 45db. In the common cabins, the noise is about 40 db, lower than the common air conditioner. The largest passenger capacity is 350. It is unique among Yangtze deluxe cruise, which ensured you can enjoy the most hospitality personal service. All the cabins on Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise are equipped with private balcony, which make passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River just stay in the cabin. All the dinners on the Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise have hand-picked wine, local beer and bottled water. The international standard hardware facilities, service and management of Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise is unique among the Yangtze Cruises from Yichang.

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Facilities on Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise

The first sail of Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise was in May 28th, 2011. This ship is just like a five-star hotel floating on the Yangtze River. It has giant river sight cabins, executive suits, president suits, Business Pedestrian Street, snack shop, cigar bar, book bar, children's playground, sauna center, Chinese and Western Medical House, SPA, rotating hall, multi-function hall, helicopter landing platform, open air swimming pool, imitative golf, large theatre, meeting hall and various business and recreational facilities, and four sightseeing elevators. The Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise is the first inland river cruise with a landing platform.

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Other Ships of Yangtze Gold Cruises

After the "Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise" put into operation, there are other four ships will be put into operation, and the last five ships will be put into operation in the late half year of 2012. At that time, this fleet which is composed of ten deluxe cruises will become a new card of Three Gorges tourist and beautiful scenery on the Yangtze River. The second series four deluxe cruises not only have the functions of Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise, but also take higher stander about the appearance construction, function distribution, facilities and some other aspects.

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