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Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – China Dragon Cruises

China Dragon Cruise

China Dragon Cruises are very typical Chinese tourist ships among the Yangtze Cruises from Yichang to Chongqing. The ships of China Dragon Cruises include Emperor Cruise, Dragon Cruise, Three Kingdoms Cruise and Serenity Cruise. Every ship of the China Dragon Cruises has its features which are attractive for visitors.

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Emperor Cruise

Emperor Cruise is the latest five-star deluxe cruise on the Yangtze River, also one of the cruises which is equipped with sightseeing elevator. The luxurious appearance, superior quality decoration showed the great momentum of the ship, also performed the emperor culture of China.

China Dragon Cruises is the first tourist ship company which introduced the golden key service on the Yangtze River, which lift the "software" service on the ships to the first level in the world. About the "hardware", all the cabins on the ships are equipped with sightseeing balcony, which will make you lose yourself in the beautiful scenery of Three Gorges. On the ships, there are dancing hall, karaoke bar, karaoke chamber, bar, coffee bar, massage service, chess and poker room, reading room, and gym and some other facilities, which will add more fun to your Three Gorges tourist. Besides, there are medical room, beauty salon, shopping center and some other living facilities. The business center on the ships can offer internet, copy, fax and some other service.

No matter you want to relax yourself during the cruise tourist, or want to talk about business, the Emperor Cruise can offer you satisfying service.

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Dragon Cruise

Dragon Cruise is one of the most special cruises on the Yangtze River. It looks like a dragon coming out from water on the surging Yangtze River. The name of Dragon Cruise means the prosperous society in Qing Dynasty. It fully shows the ancient royal culture of China. The Dragon Cruise is not only with special appearance, but the inner decoration style full of ancient color. The dragon chair in the center of the hall, the archaize style dinning room, the staff in archaize clothes and the various archaize activities will make visitors feel like in Qing Dynasty court. But the high quality facilities on the diamond five-star cruise will make you feel the comfortable modern life. The private sightseeing balcony in every cabin can make visitors fully enjoy the Three Gorges scenery.

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Serenity Cruise

As one of China Dragon Cruises, the Serenity Cruise also has the diamond five-star mark. The service on the Serenity Cruise has reached the international level. About the hardware, the 20 square meters cabins will bring you comfortable feeling, which is very less on the Yangtze Rive. There are dancing hall, karaoke bar, karaoke chamber, bar, massage room, chess and poker room, reading room, gym and some other facilities, which will add more fun to your tourist.

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Three Kingdoms Cruise

Three Kingdoms Cruise is one of the most special ships. It was evaluated as five-star cruise by the National Tourist Hotel Organization.

The Three Kingdoms Cruise uses the latest techniques to restore the ancient color of Three Kingdoms. It concentrates the events in Three Kingdom period on the ships. The passengers of Three Kingdom Cruise can enjoy the Three Gorges scenery with rich Three Kingdom culture.

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