Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Century Star Cruise
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Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Century Star Cruise

Century Star Cruise

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Introduction of Century Star Cruise

The five-star deluxe foreign Three Gorges cruise – Century Star Cruise – was designed and decorated under the five-star hotel standard. The whole ship is delicately decorated, looks elegance and beautiful. The Century Star Cruise has the grand and gorgeous high altitude rotating hall. All the cabins on the Century Star Cruise are equipped with convenient and comfortable European style bathroom and private full-floor type sightseeing balcony. This rich "hydrophilic" design makes the water and mountain, human beings and nature got harmonious unity. All of these create out a moving palace on the river.

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – Features of Century Star Cruise

The toilets in the guest rooms of the Century Star Cruise use the American standard whole bathroom, which is the best among the Yangtze Cruises from Yichang. On the Century Star Cruise, there are wide outdoor activity space where is suitable for sightseeing, relaxing and having sunbath. All the bedclothes on the Century Star Cruise are hotel Chinese style quilt; the towels and daily necessaries use the international five-star Hilton Hotel standard. The Century Star Cruise navigates on the Yangtze River around the year. The itineraries includes four days and three nights' itinerary from Chongqing to Yichang and the five days and four nights' itinerary from Yichang to Chongqing. Both of them are classical itineraries.

Yangtze Cruise from Yichang – New Century Cruises

The Century Star Cruise belongs to the New Century Cruise, which represents the highest quality top grade deluxe cruises on the inland river. The "Century Star", "Century Sun Cruise", "Century Sky Cruise" and the "Century Diamond", which are newly launched super five-star deluxe cruises, are operated and managed by the New Century Cruises. All the facilities and decoration design are the same on these cruises.

The advanced management belief, delicious foods, wonderful programs, well-planed itinerary and thoughtful service on the New Century Cruise impressed every visitor who ever took it to enjoy the Three Gorges scenery. This moving palace on the Yangtze River will give every passenger an unforgettable tourist.

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