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Yangtze Cruise – Century Emerald Cruise

Century Emerald Cruise

Yangtze Cruise – Brief Introduction of Century Emerald Cruise

The Century Emerald Cruise is another wonderful work of New Century Cruises after the "Century Star Cruise", "Century Sky Cruise", "Century Diamond Cruise". The Century Emerald Cruise spent 10 million RMB. It is the sister ship of "Century Diamond Cruise". The Century Emerald Cruise is 110 meters long, 17 meters wide, and 22.5 meters high. On the ship, there are 2 Presidential Suites, 14 Deluxe Suites, 112 Deluxe Standard Room, which can contain 264 passengers.

Yangtze Cruise – Features of Century Emerald Cruise

The Century Emerald Cruise set up a sunny sightseeing restaurant with 270 degree view on the second floor, and decreased the height of railing out the window to 60cm. When taste delicious foods, passengers also can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River.

There is a barbecues bar on the sunshine deck of sixth floor, which is a distinctive feature of Century Emerald Cruise. The wood floor in the barbecues bar used elastic connection technology, which can reduce noise pollution. Comparing with common Yangtze Cruise, it can reduce 30 percents to 50 percents noise. Even there is binge on this floor; the passengers under the floor will not be affected.

Yangtze Cruise – Dining on Century Emerald Cruise

The breakfast and lunch ion Century Emerald Cruise are Chinese and Western buffet, while the dishes for dinner almost are Chinese style foods, and match some western foods. Among Eight Chinese Cuisine, the Cantonese Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine play the main role. When the ship reaches different places, the cook will recommend passengers different dishes with different Yangtze River flavor. Beside, the same kind food can be divided into different taste on the Century Emerald Cruise. For example, the Century Emerald Cruise can offer five kinds of yoghurt with different taste and tens kinds of cake.

Yangtze Cruise – Guest House on Century Emerald Cruise

The Century Cruises added Presidential Suites on ships from Century Diamond Cruise, while the Century Emerald Cruise added massage bathtub in the Presidential Suites.

The suite is divided into several sections. When come into the room, there is a parlor near to the door, with sofa, round tea table, chair and desk. Outside the parlor, there is a sightseeing balcony which separated by French-window.

Coming into the room through parlor, there are bedroom and bathroom. The bed and window are opposite which make passengers can directly enjoy the scenery along the Yangtze River. The massage bathtub occupied one third of the bathroom space.

All guest houses on the Century Emerald Cruise are equipped with air-conditioner automatically switch control system. The scroll style video wall and bed clothes with Chinese Landscape poetry on it add humanistic taste and cultural atmosphere in the rooms.

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