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Yangtze Cruise – Century Diamond Cruise

Yangtze Cruise - Century Diamond Cruise

Yangtze Cruise – Brief Introduction of Century Diamond Cruise

The newly launched super five-star deluxe Yangtze Cruise – Century Diamond Cruise was put into operation in August, 2008. The facilities and equipments, decoration and design are excellent. It has become the giant among new generation Yangtze Cruises. The super five-star deluxe Century Diamond Cruise has guest rooms with balcony through which can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River, Executive Floor, VIP dining hall, cigar bar, five-floors high lobby, two sightseeing elevator, various service facilities and so on. The large average activity space, Hilton Hotel Guest Room equipments, multifunctional facilities, delicious Chinese and Western foods, various recreational activities, German Nicko quality management on Century Diamond Cruise fully show its value and respect.

Yangtze Cruise – Features of Century Diamond Cruise

The Century Diamond Cruise is delicately decorated, with elegance style. It is beautiful and nice. On the Century Diamond Cruise, there are grand and splendid five-floor high rotating hall. All cabins on the ship are equipped with convenience and comfortable European style bathroom and separate sightseeing balcony. The rich hydrophilicity design makes mountain and river, human and nature get harmonious unit, make out a moving warm home on water surface.

During your Three Gorges tour, except daily shore excursion, the vessel is a temporarily home for visitors. The Century Diamond inherited the style of New Century Cruises. It has grand and splendid five floors high rotating hall which make visitors can see the flowing clouds on sky in daytime and the resplendent starry sky at night.

Ad new generation five star Yangtze Cruise, Century Diamond Cruise has largest guest house among Yangtze Cruise, which make you can stay in a wide space. The special private balcony in the guest house make more emotions can be expressed in the tour. The Century Diamond Cruise chooses the supplier of Hilton Hotel, to make comfortable facilities in guest houses, including warm and soft linen, clean bathroom, controllable air-conditioner, small bar, separable bed and so on.

As five-star Yangtze Cruise, Century Diamond Cruise is really worth this reputation. Two sightseeing elevator will remove all your inconvenience; the well-equipped gym will make you keep in young and healthy; the sauna and massage will release your tiredness during the tour; the reading room will give quiet space to study; in the specific cigar bar, you can enjoy the happiness of success; the beauty salon will help you to become the most beautiful one in parties; and the overview sightseeing dining room on the six floor offer an opportunity to carefully appreciate the nice life.

As we all know that the food quality is very important during Three Gorges tour. Hence, Century Diamond Cruise employed experienced cook in five-star hotels to cook delicate food for passengers. It make you can taste the delicious Chinese foods, while feel the warm of authentic Western

During your Three Gorges tour, Century Diamond Cruise arranges various recreational activities, like lectures about Three Gorges, Chinese Tai Chi lessons, show of Chinese calligraphy, Karaoke competition and so on. Of course, the most important recreational activity is the singing and dancing show in every night. The Century Diamond Cruise will invite some famous band to perform on the ship, which will make you immerse in the amazing night.

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