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Yangtze Cruise - Yangtze No.2 Cruise

Yangtze No.2 Cruise

Yangtze Cruise - Brief Introduction of Yangtze No.3 Cruise

As top grade deluxe cruise on the Yangtze River, the Yangtze No.2 Cruise which put into operation in 2011 is the inland river cruise with largest passenger capacity in the world. It has the first indoor swimming pool, the first indoor cinema, cafeteria and commercial VIP dining hall among the Yangtze Cruises. It is equipped with various hotel guest rooms. The each technical indicator of Yangtze No.2 Cruise is the top of inland river cruises in the world, which show the six features of new generation cruises, that is large ship, high standard quality, intelligent information, personnel service, leisurely tourism and Low-carbon green. The construction techniques and decoration quality of the Yangtze No.2 Cruise reached the super five-star standard, which represents the top grade of inland river cruise in the world.

Yangtze Cruise - Facilities on Yangtze No.2 Cruise

The Yangtze No.2 Cruise was built referring to five-star ocean cruise standard. The group which leaded by famous ship design master in China - Zhong Shoudao was in charge of the design and construction. The Yangtze No.2 Cruise bravely used the most advance ocean cruise design belief and style, broken through traditional bound and realized the great-leap-forward development of new generation cruises. The Yangtze No.2 Cruise is equipped with the only indoor swimming pool with constant temperature and humidity; the theatre with top grade acoustics equipments and simultaneous interpretation International meeting hall; the largest sunshine deck on the Yangtze River and over 700 square meters multifunctional performance hall; Chinese restaurant; commercial dining hall; sunshine bar; coffee bar; reading room; entertainment room; shopping mall; International Brand Shop and jewelry shop; as well as sightseeing elevator. All of these create a beautiful and comfortable environment for passengers. The itinerary of the Yangtze No.2 Cruise is also well planed.

Yangtze Cruise - Highlights of Yangtze No.2 Cruise

The Yangtze No.2 Cruise is the special state guest cruise which appointed by government. All of things on the Yangtze No.2 Cruise are aimed at providing best service to passengers. The Yangtze No.2 Cruise will arrange various activities for you, bringing you surprise. In addition to the exceptional facilities, the high standard management and service also get the praise of passengers. The high standard special foods, delicate cocktail, classical songs and dances, the comfortable and romantic atmosphere will give you a happy and easy Three Gorges tour.

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