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Yangtze Cruise - Dragon Cruise

Dragon Cruise

The Dragon Cruise is the only deluxe cruise with Chinese Qing Dynasty royal style on the Yangtze River, which get the favor of oversea travelers.

Yangtze Cruise - Special Decoration of Dragon Cruise

The Dragon Cruise is royal tourist ship with most typical national characteristics. The unique ship appearance is just like a giant dragon, setting off the worship of Chinese to totem and clinging ethos. The multicolored clothes, foods, residence and vehicles, beautiful interior decoration and norm service of royal life fully show the rights, luxury of emperor in the most prosperous Qing Dynasty.

The Dragon Cruise integrated the small and exquisite of Han nationality and the dignified and bright construction decoration style of Man nationality, with tall and rugged pavilions, carved beams and painted rafters. In the reception hall of Dragon Cruise, the door and wall are carved with flying dragons and floating clouds. On the beam of the hall, curled-up dragons hug together and with various dragons flying around it. Some of them are making fun of each other, some of them are angrily looking at each other; some of them are flying in the clouds sea. The whole decoration of the ship is based on dragon, excessive luxury. On the beams and painted rafters, there are curled-up dragons, flying dragons, subdued dragons, sleeping dragons, walking dragons. About daily life, there are dragon bed, dragon chair, dragon flag, dragon robe, dragon table wares, dragon dishes and so on. About recreational activities, there are dragon music instruments, dragon chess and cards, dragon calligraphy, dragon songs and dances, dragon totem, as well as descendants of dragon.

Yangtze Cruse - Attendants of Dragon Cruise

The attendants of Dragon Cruise are systematically and strictly trained with Qing Dynasty palace life and modern management belief. The attendants on Dragon Cruise will dress the clothes in Qing Dynasty to offer the best service to passengers. The passengers on Dragon Cruise can wear yellow robe which is the specific color of royal, blue robe or azurite robe which are favorite color of aristocratic stratum, and fully enjoy the luxury of royal life.

Yangtze Cruise - Highlights Dragon Cruise

The Dragon Cruise is equipped with 80 suits, including two superfine Emperor Suits which decorated based on the imperial palace for short stay. Besides, the attendants will greet you in the morning and evening, adding more fun to your tour.

On the Dragon Cruise, there are 9999 dragons with different shape. Passengers can find and count the dragons at spare time during the Three Gorges tour.

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