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Yangtze Cruise - Blue Whale Cruise

Blue Whale Cruise

Yangtze Cruise – Brief Introduction of Blue Whale Cruise

The Blue Whale Cruise is a five-star deluxe Yangtze Cruise, which belongs to CCOTC Cruises. It was updated in 2008, taken latest streamline design and ship building techniques. The appearance decoration of the Blue Whale Cruise is blue glasses, which make it look like a blue whale cruising in ocean. Except for gorgeous interior decoration, deluxe and complete facilities, all passengers of Blue Whale cruise can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Yangtze River through the separate balcony in the guest room.

Yangtze Cruise- Highlights of Blue Whale Cruise

After complete decoration and updating, the wide guest room with balcony make the personality of Blue Whale Cruise perfectly integrate with the natural scenery of Yangtze River, making the guest room become more comfortable. The large public area on the Blue Whale Cruise make passengers feel more easy and offer passengers a pleasant space to listen to the nature and enjoy the fragrance in the gorge.

Yangtze Cruise- Facilities of Blue Whale Cruise

The Blue Whale Cruise is introverted, very gorgeous but not inflated. The guest room is with excellent space and with larger beds. On the walking deck, you can lie down to have a sunshine bath, enjoy the river wind or immerse in thought and so on. The Blue Whale Cruise is equipped with top grade GPS, detecting instrument, radar and some other modern communication and navigation equipments. It reacted the new period of advance equipments and building layout among Yangtze Cruises.

Yangtze Cruise - Service on Blue Whale Cruise

The thoughtful and careful service on the Blue Whale Cruise create a warm and comfortable environment for passengers. The delicate western dishes is startling, and the authentic Sichuan dishes and Huaiyang dishes is often praised by worldwide passengers. The Chinese style guest service on the Blue Whale Cruise is really distinctive. Several mariners on the Blue Whale are appointed personal server of state guest. The state guest standard Chinese banquet was every highly praised by many important statesmen in the world.

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