Xueyu Cave
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Xueyu Cave

Xueyu Cave

Introduction to Xueyu Cave

Across from Fengdu Ghost City, on the steep cliff of Longhe Valley, there is a beautiful mysterious cave ----- Xueyu cave (Snow Jade Cave), it is the famous karst cave of Chongqing, covers an area of 15 square kilometers. The rare animals (monkeys, boar, Golden Pheasant etc.) and the zigzagging river, plunging waterfalls, suspending coffins are all in in perfect harmony In the Xueyu Cave Scenic Area. The surrounding area has a long historical standing Tujia customs which forming a unique culture ------- Longhe Culture. Xueyu Cave is not only the classic route of Longhe Scenic Area but also a promising scenic area on the Yangtze River Golden Tourists Line.

Xueyu Cave has captured the attention of many experts and scholars from cave research academia and they highly praised Xueyu Cave. The chairman of World Natural Heritage Protection Union-- Cave Special Working Group commended that Xueyu Cave is a real beautiful cave in the world which is seldom been seen, although he has investigated more than ten thousand caves.

Landscapes of Xueyu Cave

The origin of the name of Xueyu cave comes from the snow white carbonate rock. The cave ceiling is very thick because it is in closed environment, the cave was well deposited. 80% landscape of the cave is as white as snow, pure like jade. The crystal clear stalactites make you feel it can be broke easily by flipping.

According to the introduction, Xueyu Cave is the world rarely seen fast growing cave, it was compared as a fair lady. The various sediments landscapes which on a large scale and scattered intensively. There are numerous charming stalactites, perking stalagmites, exquisite stone stelaes, paper like stone flags, fluttering stone belts, magnificent stone curtains, purging waterfals as well as the delicate stone shields and coral flowers etc.

Xueyu Cave, a total length of 1644 meters, 1166 meters has been developed as the touring line. It has three layers, divided into six major scenic areas.There are four world - class wonders: one is the 4 meters high, ice clean shield; large scale coral flower group; crystal clear, 8 meters stone flag king; snow white goose tube group and more than 100 landscapes in the cave.

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