Xueyu Cave
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Xueyu Cave

Xueyu Cave

Brief Introduction of Xueyu Cave

Xueyu (Snow Jade) Cave is located on the steep cliff of Longhe Valley which is on the opposite bank of Fengdu Ghost City. It is the famous cave type scenic spot in Chongqing, covered 15 square kilometers. The rare animals (macaque, boar, golden pheasant with red belly) in the scenic spot, the sight spot (crowds of solution cavity, sinuous rivers, grand falls, steep cliffs and hanging coffin) and the long history Tujia customs were fused together and formed the distinctive Longhe Culture. Xueyu Cave is the competitive cave in the Longhe scenic spot as well as a wonderful work in the Yangtze River travel route. It is 1644 meters in length includes the 1166 meters have been developed. There are three floors, and six excursion district.

Three rarely seen things of the world in Xueyu Cave

"Ice and Snow World"

Xueyu Cave is a rarely seen cave which is as white as snow in the world. As Xueyu Cave was made up by the pure carbonatite, the depositional environment in the cave is well closed and it's very thick on the top part, so there is little impurity in the dissolved carbonatite solh and 80 percent of the sight in the cave are "as white as snow, as pure as jade".

The Growing "Subdeb"

Xueyu Cave is a rarely seen growing "subdeb" cave. It is proved by the experts that Xueyu Cave was originated on Longhe River bank from 80,000 years ago. About 10,000 years ago, the cave condition changed to the state which is making for the growing of secondary chemicals. In other caves, the stalactite landscape will need several ten thousands years to grow up, and with old texture and dim color. In Xueyu Cave, the vast and colorful speleothems with different pose were growing up in 3300 years to 10000 years. The landscape in the cave just like the subdeb is growing quickly.

Diversity, Large-scale, Delicate Shape

It is unbelievable that the apeleothems in the cave is diversity, in large-scale and with delicate shape. There are large amount of superb snow jade penguins, charming stalactites, exquisite stelaes, thin stone flag, grand stone curtain, hanging stone sheet, pouring stone fall, splendid flow stone dam, unbelievable stone hair, omniform cured stone and the cave shield which is the first in the world. That's really the rarely seen place in the world.

Except for the three rarely seen things of the world in Xueyu Cave, the water and air in the cave are very special. The water in Xueyu Cave is very limpid, pure and sweet. According to surveying and determination, the carbon dioxide in the cave is very high. The temperature in the cave about 16℃-17℃. It is valuable in medical recuperate. It is introduced by the experts that the anion in the air will have curative effect on some diseases like heavy cold, nasosinusitis and asthma.

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