Xiao Pavilion Ancient Battlefield of Three Kingdoms
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Xiao Pavilion Ancient Battlefield of Three Kingdoms

Xiao Pavilion Ancient Battlefield

Xiao Pavilion Ancient Battlefield – Origin of its Name

Xiao Pavilion Ancient Battlefield of Three Kingdoms is located at the throat of Yangtze River. There are steep mountains, vertical cliffs and overlapping peaks on the both banks. There is a 1500 meters long ancient plank road on the precipice of Huya (tiger's teeth) Mountain. It rambles on the cliffs like a dragon. Its name is relevant to a history of Three Kingdoms Period. In 208, General Zhang Fei of Shu was appointed as the prefect of Yidu County. It is said that one day Zhang Fei came to Huya Rapid; he found that the terrain here is pretty steep, the mountains and cliffs here are very vertical, the water currents here are very strong and there is a lot of hidden rocks under water, so he ordered craftsmen to build a pavilion here for memory. While the pavilion was about to be completed Zhang Fei came for inspection. He found there were animal patterns carved on the columns of the pavilion. The patterns looked like a tiger and also looked like a dog. Zhang Fei exploded with anger and asked the craftsman what were the animals. The craftsman was frightened into shaking and trembling. With great presence he suddenly replied that they were hunting tigers named Xiao, he also explained he was intended to present General's power. Zhang Fei was very happy after he heard that and asked the craftsman carved Xiao Ting on the pavilion, hence this place was called Xiao Pavilion.

Xiao Pavilion Ancient Battlefield - Vital Military Importance in History

Xiao Pavilion is a tiny place and was of vital military importance since ancient times. The famous Yiling War which decided the fate of Shu in Three Kingdoms Period was happened here. Liu Bei's army was defeated by Wu's fire attack here. That is a famous "defeat the many with the few" war in the history. There were scores of battles happened here, such as the Jiangguan War (Yang Su headed his troops to crusade against Chen) and the Rope Bridge War (Western Jin sent a punitive expedition against Wu).

Xiao Pavilion Ancient Battlefield – Scenic Spots

About 100 big or small scenic spots have been built in Xiao Pavilion Ancient Battlefield: Chusai Tower, Recreation Military Camp, Shuisai Tower, Drum Beating Terrace, Ancient Tunnel, Exhibition of Figures in Three Kingdoms Period and so on. Chusai Tower is on the top of Huya Mountain, it is a landmark of Chu's open. It is simple and elegant with exquisite shapes.

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