Wuluozhongli Mountain
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Wuluozhongli Mountain

Wuluozhongli Mountain

Wuluozhongli Mountain also named Hen Mountain. It is located at Changyang Tujia Autonomous County in Yichang of Hubei Province. It is 25 kilometers away from Heyan Hydropower Station. The main mountain is 397.5 meters above the sea level.

It is recorded that is the birthplace of Ba people and Ba people was said to be the ancestors of Tujia people. There are some relics of Ba people and Wuluozhongli Mountain was honored as a Holy Mountain by Tujia people of Hunan Province, Hubei Province, Sichuan Province and Guizhou Province. They would come here to worship their ancestors.

Wuluozhongli Mountain – Name Origin

Wuluozhongli Mountain is formed of Wuluo Mountain and Zhongli Mountain. Luo is a colloquial word of Changyang people; it is a measure word means heap and pile. So Wuluo Mountain means five mountains or a mountain with five peaks. Hen Mountain has five peaks. Hen Mountain faces the Zhuangzhongnao Mountain across Changyang Stream. It is said that there was a bell in the mountain and it was separated from Hen Mountain by Changyang Stream, so it was named Zhongli Mountain. Later on, people called the two mountains Wuluozhongli Mountain.

Wuluozhongli Mountain – Ruins and Cultural Relics

It is recorded that 100,000 of ancient adobe bricks were unearthed at the northern foot of Wuluo Mountain. There are patterns and symbols which said to be the ancient characters of Ba people on those bricks. A ruin of ancient city was discovered in 1981; some bowls, jars, bronze mirrors, silver bracelets were unearthed.

Wuluozhongli Mountain was the place where ancestors of Ba people inhabited, lived and multiplied. Lin Jun – leader of ancient Ba people was born here about 4000 years ago, he leaded his tribe expanded from here. They left many historical relics and legends in the mountain. Later on, people built many temples, pavilions with special local features for people to worship their ancestors. Lin Jun's statue was displayed in the towering Xiangwang Temple. The Yannu Rock looks like a young Tujia woman. It is said to be the incarnation of Lin Jun's wife. Baishui Hall was built by the water; visitors could learn the real history of Tujia people here.

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