Wujiang River Art Gallery
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Wujiang River Art Gallery

Wujiang River Art Gallery

Peculiar mountains, grotesque rocks, clean waters, dangerous rapids, ancient towns and suspending coffins make up the main landscape of Wujiang River Art Gallery. A famous poet in Qing Dynasty wrote that the rivers and mountains in Shu area are really rare and amazing and the mountains and waters in Wujiang River Art Gallery are the best.

Wujiang River Art Gallery – Brief Introduction

Wujiang River Art Gallery was listed as a state-level scenic spot. Wujiang River originates from Yanhe Tujia Autonomous County of Guizhou Province. It flows through 13 counties and pours into Yangtze River at Fuling District of Chongqing. Wujiang River stretches 132 kilometers in Yanhe County. There are beautiful and magnificent natural landscapes and human landscapes with profound cultural connotations.

Wujiang River Art Gallery refers to the Wijiang River in Yanhe County. It was formed naturally and stretches more than 100 kilometers. Jiashi Gorge, Lizhi Gorge, Yintong Gorge, Tutuo Gorge and Wangtuo Gorge are totally 89 kilometers long. They present a gorgeous gorge landscape and they were praised as Wujiang River Art Gallery.

Wujiang River Art Gallery – Landscape and Attractions

The mountains and peaks on both banks of Wujiang River were covered with dense forests. The grotesque peaks face each other with special figures and postures. The gorges on Wujiang River form a harmonious picture with their own features.

Jiashi Gorge is characterized by its towering peaks; visitors there could enjoy the rare Yixiantian (a line of sky) and experience the roaring wind. Lizhi Gorge is characterized by charming and graceful; visitors there could appreciate the amazing natural landscape with grotesque shapes – Beauty Peak, Heavenly Gate Rock, Straw Hat Rock and Fozhi Mountain (Buddha's Finger Mountain). Yintong Gorge is characterized by its "naughty" since the mountains on both banks stretch into the river and block the way at times. It seems that you are walking in a maze when shipping in the gorge. Tutuo Gorge is characterized by its towering mountains and deep water. There are bamboos among the mountains. Visitors could see a lot of wild animals and hear the sound of various birds. Wangtuo Gorge is characterized by mysterious; visitors could see curls of fog rised from the springs.

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