Wu Ming Que
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Wu Ming Que

Wu Ming Que

Wu Ming Que, commonly known as Baota Pagoda is located in Tujin Village 8 km north from Zhongxian County. It was first built in Eastern Han Dynasty, 5.44 meters high, 8 meters wide, a total of nine layers. Wu Ming Que was piled up by nine different shapes of stone, its base is robust and stable. On the positive side carved a beast looks like a dragon or tiger. The corners of the third and sixth layers are inscribed a naked man and a woman, besides, there are various birds and animals carved around them. The cover of the pagoda is a turtle-like monster which embodies the longevity and good luck.

As the same as Ding Fang Que, Wu Ming Que is the earliest building of Three Gorges. It has a high academic value and ornamental value due to its unique shape and stone carving art, it is the extremely precious cultural relics resources of Three Gorges area.


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