White Horse Cave
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White Horse Cave

White Horse Cave

White Horse Cave is located at Nanjin Pass. It faces Yangtze River with the well known Gezhou Dam in its left and the beautiful Xialao Stream in its right. It also faces the noted Three Visitors Cave across the stream. It is said that Tang Seng (a famous monk in Tang Dynasty) and his three prentices passed here on their pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures and his white horse lived here before, so the cave was called White Horse Cave.

White Horse Cave is 1900 meters long and covers an area of 10000 square meters. Its entrance is on the steep cliff. There is a clean stream coming from the cave and formed a small lake in front of the cave. Visitors could take a boat to get inside. It is quite narrow at the entrance of the cave and it is wider while you get inside deeper. You will get to the end of the water about 200 meters away from the entrance of the cave. Get off the boat and walk deeper into the cave, amazing landscape will rush into your eyes.

White Horse Cave has five alternate layers with various shapes of stalactites. Various colors of lights shinning on the diversified stalactites form a magic world. It is even more amazing when you see the reflection of the magic world in the water. There is a group of white stalactites adhere to the wall of the cave look like a running white horse. It is said that this horse was Tang Seng's white horse.

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