West Pavilion of Du Fu
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West Pavilion of Du Fu

West Pavilion of Du Fu

Starting from White Emperor City, along the riverside to the north about one hour's drive, we arrive at the West Pavilion of Du Fu, the place where the "Saint Poet" spent nearly 2 years there. Du Fu lived in his West Pavilion in Chengdu for five years, then he went to Jingzhou to met with his brother Du Guan and Du Wei. He was sick when he arrived at Yunyang, while he arrived at Kuizhou he was out of money. Thus they settled in a cottage by the Xixiang River. Later, the people in order to honor Du Fu , they changed the name Xixiang River into Huanhua River. Besides, the cottage Du Fu once lived named West Pavilion of Du Fu where he wrote about 400 poets during the two years. Therefore, Kuizhou is called "Poetry City".

Now, the only remains of  West Pavilion of Du Fu is a broken stele and an orange tree. Fengjie orange is juicy, it is said that the orange touched Du Fu's aura.

From Du Fu's poetries,we can know that he lived in Kuizhou and once planted jujube in his house. Later, he moved to another place for a short stay, the original house transferred to other peole. His neighbor was a widow, she usually went to Du Fu's courtyard to get dates, Du Fu never interfered with it. On the contrary, the new owner of the house built a fence to prevent the " thief". Du Fu was not in favor of the new owner's deed, and he wrote a poem to pursuade him which embodies Du Fu's "political poem" nature.

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