Weixing Lake Scenic Area
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Weixing Lake Scenic Area

Weixing Lake

Weixing Lake Scenic Area – Brief Introduction

Weixing Lake Scenic Area is a state AAAA-class scenic area. It is located at Shuangzhu Town of Yongchuan District in Chongqing. It is about 63 kilometers away from the urban area of Chongqing and 10 kilometers away from the urban area of Yongchuan District. It is on the same golden tourism route with Chashanzhuhai (Mountain of Tea and Sea of Bamboo) National Forest Park, Chongqing Wild Animals World (a state AAAA-class scenic area) and Songji Ancient Town.

Weixing Lake Scenic Area – Attractions

Weixing Lake Scenic Area centers on the famous Weixing Lake. It covers an area of 12 square kilometers. Weixing Lake stretches 8 kilometers and covers a water area of 100 hectares. There are many naturally formed islands and peninsulas. The famous Huanggua Mountain (in Chinese means Cucumber Mountain, it is a national agriculture tourism demonstration zone and a provincial forest park) and Bizigou Scenic Area are on the northwest bank of the lake. Jinsanwei Ecological Flower Garden is on the southeast bank of the lake.

There are water amusement park and holiday resorts with complete tourism infrastructure and service facilities Weixing Lake Scenic Area. Taohua Villa (Peach Blossom Villa) and Bizigou here are characterized by beautiful landscape. The Shigui Temple (Stone Turtle Temple) and Kangle Palace (Well-being Palace) are noted for their special religious and folk culture.

Weixing Lake Scenic Area has attracts more than 0.3 million visitors here for sight seeing and spending their holidays every year since it opened to public in 1986.

Weixing Lake Scenic Area has special and unique natural landscape of lakes and mountains and attractive cultural spots. It is a good resort for sightseeing and recreation.

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