Wedding Customs of Miao People
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Wedding Customs of Miao People

Wedding Customs of Miao People

Wedding Customs of Miao People - Before the Wedding Day

When the young couples of Miao nationality decide to chose the other one as their husband or wife, their parents will pick an auspicious day to hold a wedding ceremony for them. There is an old tradition which is called "not see each other before the wedding" - the new couple couldn't meet each other before their wedding ceremony. The bridegroom will bring the things needed on the wedding ceremony to the bride's home the day before their wedding. There is a big and thick pancake which is as big as a dustpan among these presents. It is made of 12-15 kilograms of glutinous rice. It symbols a blessing for a happy and rich life for the new couple.

Wedding Customs of Miao People – Before the Wedding Ceremony

Both the families of the new couple will invite their relatives, friends and villagers to attend the wedding ceremony. The bridegroom will pick the bride up accompanied by his groomsmen and some presents.

When they arrive at the bride's village, a number of women will block them with bamboo poles and require them to sing with them so as to waste their time. The bridegroom really needs an experienced man to cope with the deliberately settled obstacles on his way to get his beloved. The bride has to give some gifts to the "trouble-makers" once they finished a singing. The bride has to suffer the same settled difficulties again and again until he arrives at the bride's home.

Protecting the bridegroom from being "kidnapped" by the "trouble-makers" is also an important task for the groomsmen on his way to the bride's home. If the bridegroom is "kidnapped" by the "trouble-makers", they will hide him and make him couldn't pick his bride up on time. Girls will fool the bride for fun when he finally arrives after overcoming several difficulties.

Wedding Customs of Miao People – On the Wedding Ceremony

There is a formal wedding ceremony after the bridegroom picks his bride up home. The new couple should propose a toast to the elders of his family and their guests while them receiving their congratulations. The new couple should feed their parents with the first bowl of rice before the banquet started. The girls who accompany the bride could also make fun of the bridegroom even at such a formal moment. All the gusts here would like to see such kind of jokes since they think that jokes are important parts of an impressive wedding.

Wedding Customs of Miao People – Other Traditional Customs

The traditional custom called "Snatching a Bride" also exists in some regions where Miao people inhabited. The new couple which is about to be married will come to an agreement on where and when the snatching will be carried out. It is said that this tradition was intended to defend the bride when there is a quarrel or the husband betrayed their love in the future.

There is a formal wedding ceremony after the bridegroom "snatches" his bride home. The bridegroom's family would arrange someone to explain the situation to the bride's family and make an apology to them with their prepared gifts. The bride's family will pretend to be angry with them and criticize them. And they will accept their apology and gifts after that.

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