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Victoria Anna

Brief Introduction of Victoria Yangtze Cruises

Since 1994, American Victoria Yangtze Cruises have become the pilot in the ancient Yangtze River and grand Three Gorges. Outstanding service quality, picked itinerary and excellent facilities on the ships make Victoria Cruises become the best fleet on Yangtze River. Now, American Victoria Yangtze Cruises have formed the largest international 5 star class fleet on Yangtze River (evaluated by National Tourism Administration), and among them, Victoria Katarina and Victoria Anna have pass over the 5 star standard. Until now, over 400,000 passengers ever take Victoria ships happily and come back with satisfaction. Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third longest river in the world, so Yangtze River tourist is one of the best inland river tourist lines in the world. In order to make your Yangtze River tourist become an unforgettable wonderful tourist, Victoria Cruises not only planed traditional classical lines from Chongqing to Yichang which concentrate on enjoying the beautiful scenery of Yangtze River Three Gores, they also recommended Chongqing to Shanghai line to make the Yangtze River line stretches to Shanghai, at the same time, also present you the beautiful scenery of Wuhan, Huangshan Mountain, Nanjing and some other places. All of these lines include visiting the newest construction magic – Three Gorges Dam. Presently, it is the largest one among the similar type water conservancy projects. Victoria Cruises own the best facilities on the ships, at the same time, the staffs on Victoria Yangtze Cruses will offer you the outstanding service. The staffs on Victoria Yangtze Cruises include professional foreign representatives on the ships, knowledgeable ship companion and well trained local service personals. In your journey, the service on Victoria Yangtze Cruises will give you the most beautiful and deepest impression, which is a needful part of Victoria high degree products.

Features and Advantages of Victoria Yangtze Cruises

The specially invited staffs on Victoria Yangtze Cruise are very famous in the world. Walter Staib, who is famous American cook, introduced new diet concepts and menus to Victoria Yangtze Cruises. Under the guidance of Walter Staib, passengers can enjoy every kind of delicious foods which are made up of fresh and high degree materials, and they merge with western dishes features. In the Dynasty Dinning Room, passengers can have dinner in single seat, and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Yangtze River through the big windows on the four sides. Breakfast and lunch will offer Chinese and Western buffet, the bar will offer the passengers who get up early coffee and tea. In the afternoon, passengers can have the tea and snacks, and talk with others. In the night, there will offer passengers elegant Chinese banquet. When every ship set off or end the journey, the captain will host banquet. In the welcome cocktail party, passengers can have various Chinese and Western cold dishes. In the farewell party, passengers can say goodbye to the newly known friends. In everyday's "Happy Time", passengers can have discount in bar, to choose favorite cocktail or coffee to relax themselves.

Special Activities and Service on Victoria Yangtze Cruises

Victoria Yangtze Cruises offer every passenger kind, friendly and professional service. All the staffs on Victoria Yangtze Cruises are good at Chinese and English. So there is no obstacle in your communication. There set up business center, reading room, meeting room, gymnasium, souvenir department, beauty salon center and some other facilities on the ships, which can make you feel very convenient and ease. The various activities on Victoria Yangtze Cruises include Lecture about Yangtze River, Calligraphy Lecture, and teaching Tai Chi Chuan which are deeply loved by foreign passengers; the recreational activities on the ships include welcome champagne party, folk fashion show, and captain farewell banquet and so on; all of these make passengers feel comfortable and warm. All the Victoria Yangtze Cruises equipped with international satellite mobile phone, HBO, BBC television channel and international mails, which make passengers connect with the world all the time.

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