Unique Features of Xueyu Cave
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Unique Features of Xueyu Cave

Xueyu Cave

Brief Introduction of Xueyu Cave

Xueyu Cave is competitive products in Longhe Scenic Spot. It is the youngest cave in China which has been exploited. It is valuable for viewing and scientific investigation. Eighty percent of stalactite in the cave are "as white as snow, as pure as jade". So it was conferred as "Xueyu (Snow Jade) Cave".

Unique Features of Xueyu Cave– Four "No.1" in the World

1. "Xueyu Penguin" which is a giant earth shield looks like a penguin. It is made up of carbonate rocks. The 4 meters high earth shield is the biggest earth shield among all the caves in the world. As for earth shield grow up from the earth, it is hard to form pendent shield end, which is the greatest difference from wall shield.

2. "Order Soldiers in Battlefield" is the largest scale and largest amount of coral flowers group. The name was originated from a poem which was written by great poet in South Song Dynasty – Xin Qiji.

3."E Guan (the shape looks like goose feather pipe) Forest) densely hanging upside down in the sky. The scientific named of it is "E Guan" which was formed by the water falling down from the cave top for gravity. As for it is in white and in the shape of goose feather pipe, hence the name. The dense of the goose feather pipe in this cave is the most in the world.

4. "The King of Stone Flag" is a giant stone flag. It is thin and light calcium carbonate formed by the continuous water working on cave walls and top. The hanging height of it is 8 meters which is the highest in the world. It is as thin as cicada's wing, glittering and translucent.

Xueyu Cave broken and created several items of "No 1" in the world.

Unique Features of Xueyu Cave - Value

Xueyu Cave is competitive products in Longhe Scenic Spot. The present of Xueyu Cave attracted many experts and scholars in cave academic research community. Professor Yuan Daoxian who is the cave authority in China ever come to Xueyu Cave to do academic research for several times. Elcay Hamilton Smith, who is authority experts of karst natural heritage in the world ever praised Xueyu Cave as "the really beautiful cave in the world; the rarely seen cave in my life".

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