Travelogue of Wushan County
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Travelogue of Wushan County

Wushan County

After more than four hours by bus, we finally arrived at the new town of Wushan Mountain.

In the Spring and Autumn Periods and the Warring States Periods, Wushan Mountain is called Wu Shire of Chu State. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, it is called Wu County. Wushan County lies in the east of Chongqing, the hinterland of the Three Gorges Reservoir. East to Badong, Hubei Province , south to Jianshi, Hubei Province, west to Fenjie, north to Wuxi, covers an area of 2958 square km. Three Gorges across the whole Wushan County. Wushan people of Longgu Slope(Dragon Bone Slope) is the origin of Asian. The cultural relics of Daxi Culture are the representative of Neolithic Cultures. The famous scenic spots are: the Goddess Peaks, Gaotang Temple, Chuyang Platform, hanging coffin and tombs group of Han Dynasty.

My friends have already waited in Wushan County, they booked a hotel for us. After we put down the luggage, we went to a restaurant on Canton Road for dinner. We wandered in those beautiful mountains and I really envy the people who live in here. It is a tranquil and a natural way of life.

The new Wushan County was built up against mountains, divided into east and west part by the Goddess Avenue. The Goddess Avenue begins at Pinghu Road, crossing Canton Road, Xiangyun Road, end at Jingtan road, composing 430 steps. The angel of the 210 steps in the part of Xiangyun Road to Jingtan Road is beyond 45 degrees.

According to information, the new county of Wushan began to build at 1994, covering about four square meters. Canton Road is the first and prosperous avenue of the new county with the best facilities length of 3.22 km. The department of Wushan County planed and constructed a municipal plaza which integrated seven functions: culture, tourism, shopping, leisure, entertainment, meetings, sightseeing.

Wushan County is the first submerged and the first relocated county because of the water reservation of Three Gorges Dam. According to the normal water level of Three Gorges, when the water arrived at 175 meters, the whole county has been submerged about 49.3 square km. There was about 9.1 million people need to be evacuated accounting for 15% of the total population to the county. My friends told me that the old county has been submerged tens meters deep under the river. Wushan people made a great sacrifices and contributions to the construction of Three Gorges Dam.

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