Trackers of Shennong Stream
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Trackers of Shennong Stream

Naked Trackers

In the valley of Badong Shennong Stream, Hubei Province, there is still remains the living fossil of culture------ the trackers.

In the 1990s, the trackers of Shennong Stream Attraction were famous at home and abroad. After the Three Gorges Dam reserved water, towing gradually disappeared from the public eyes. In recent years, the request voice of restoring the original towing become higher and higher. Now, as the tourists requested, people can watch the naked trackers towing in the attraction.

In the end of May during the Jinchu Cultural Festival, the trackers will present the towing to the photographers who come from all over the world. The trackers on the rapids of Sichuan and Hubei Yangtze River were born with boldness, simplicity and loyalty. They like drinking liquor. The best materials of making the towrope are the bamboo skin and the first class cloth. When the boat against the water, the trackers bow down and walk on the cliff with their feet and hands barely to find the pivots. Their chests squeeze out “Hezou” while they walking difficultly on the cliff. Fortunately, now, the road is more convenient than sailing, the trackers is mainly serve for tourism.

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