Tourism Information of Wuhan
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Tourism Information of Wuhan


Tourism Information of Wuhan - Climate

Climate of Wuhan is the sub- tropical humid monsoon climate with abundant rainfall, sunshine and distinct seasons. The general climate and environment are nice. In recent 30 years, the average annual rainfall is 1,269 mm and concentrated in June, July and August. The average annual temperature is 15.8℃ - 17.5℃ and the annual frost-free period is generally 211 - 272 days. Annual sunshine hour is 1,810 - 2,100 hours.

Tourism Information of Wuhan - Best Travel Season

The summer in Wuhan is extremely hot. In the dog days, the temperature difference between day and night is small. Hence, the tourists should avoid traveling in Wuhan in the high temperature period. Spring and autumn are the best travel seasons.

Tourism Information of Wuhan - Festivals

Plum Blossom Festival of East Lake

Time: February to March every year

Location: East Lake

Introduction: when the annual Plum Blossom Festival comes, tourists can enjoy 200 different kinds of plums and plum blossoms as well as the painting and photography exhibition about the plum blossom. It is very exciting and enjoyable.

Cherry Blossom Festival of East Lake

Time: the end of March to the early April

Location: East Lake

Introduction: In the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, there will be various activities and events as well as the science education exhibition and photography exhibition.

Cross River Festival

Time: June

Location: Wuhan section of Yangtze River

Introduction: in the festival, a lot of swim fans gather here to swim across the Yangtze River. Moreover, about some other activities like swim competition and rafting are absolutely exciting events, you can't miss it.

Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival

Time: early October

Location: Eastern Horse City

Introduction: the Horse Racing Festival is colorful, assembled sports, tourism and culture. The festival has a significant role to promote the horse racing and promulgate the horse culture.

Wuhan International Tourist Festival

Time: October every year

Location: the whole city, especially in the scenic spots

Introduction: Wuhan International Tourist Festival gathering perform groups and artists from over 10 counties. It is a spectacular multi-cultural festival. The fireworks, snacks and temple fairs are essential elements with constant visitors.

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