Tianyan Primeval Ecotourism Area
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Tianyan Primeval Ecotourism Area

Tianyan Primeval Ecotourism Area


Tianyan Primeval Ecotourism Area - Brief Introduction

Tianyan Primeval Ecotourism Spot is located in the north-west of Shennongjia, it covers an area of 926.24 square kilometers. It is a primeval ecotourism spot take the primitive landscape, exploration, and research as its main attraction. It is characterized by the Shennongshi legend and simple mountain culture. It also integrates special trees, special flowers, special caves, special mountains and special local folk customs.

The spot is covered by dense forests, and it is rich in various plants. It is very beautiful and especially characterized by its magnificence, grace, quiet and wildness. It is located in the convergence of China's north part and south part and there are a lot of animals and plants of different natural regions. The natural vegetations here can be divided into the following types: coniferous forest, broad-leaf forest, bamboo grove, shrubs forest, mountain dwarf forest and herbosa, meadow, and swamp. It is a good choice for an ecotourism since there is abundant animals and plants resources, the air here is pretty fresh, and it has a quiet environment.

Tianyan Primeval Ecotourism Area - Scenic Pots

The following are the main sites of Tianyan Primeval Ecotourism Area: Swallow Cave, Huixian Bridge, Xuegang Zhai, Tianmen Ya, Liuxiang Zhai, Shanbao Cave, Zizu River primeval forest, Hongping Art Gallery, Baicao Ping, and the rural sight and folk customs of Taping.

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