Three Gorges Dam History
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Three Gorges Dam History

Three Gorges Dam History – Introduction

Three Gorges Dam located at Sandouping in Xiling Gorge, the Three Gorges Dam is the largest water conservancy project ever undertaken. Originally proposed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1919, and begun in 1994, the structure was completed in 2006, and it now fully operational. The Three Gorges Dam is 2,335 meters long, 185 meters high, 18 meters wide on the top and 130 meters wide at the bottom. The Dam has raised the river to a level of 175 meters above sea level, creating a 600 kilometers long reservoir extending from the dam site all the way to Chongqing. It was submerged approximately 570,000 acres of farmland, 13 cities, 140 towns, 1,352 villages, and 657 factories, causing approximately 1.5 million people to be relocated. The estimate for construction of the project is US$ 70 billion. The building of this huge dam is for the purpose of flood control, generation of electricity, navigation, and irrigation. Victoria's ships sail through its adjacent system of ship locks.

Three Gorges Dam History – Water Construction

Through the ages, the flood is the worst disaster of Yangtze River of China. It happens frequently. There is a long history of control measures by human beings. In the meanwhile, the early human civilization has been created.

Actually, Chinese people have a long history fighting with the flood. Many famous people strived to prevent floods by water control such as Da Yu (an ancient people in Chinese history). The water conservancy project has brought many benefits to people such as ancient Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project.

Three Gorges Dam History – Exhibition Hall

Three Gorges Dam exhibition hall was opened to public since 1st October, 1992. It covers 6600 square meters.

It mainly displays the construction of Three Gorges Dam, the environment protection, migrant, science, electricity, painting and calligraphy, and photography.

The exhibition hall was constructed with international standard. There are some halls such as Video Hall and VIP hall in the exhibition hall.

Three Gorges Dam History – Three Gorges

Consists of Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge, Three Gorges is 191 kilometers long. It originates from the White Emperor Town of Fengjie County of Chongqing Municipality in west. In east, it originates from the Nanjin Pass of Yichang City of Hubei Province. There are many attractions long Yangtze River such as Daning River, Xiangxi Stream and Shennong Stream, besides many wonderful legends. In each season, Yangtze Cruise ships along Yangtze River to enjoy the different sceneries.

Three Gorges Dam History – Yichang City

Yichang City, one of the top 40 scenic spots of China, it has rich tourism resource and economic resource. There are 747 scenic spots in Yichang City which 350 of scenic spots have been opened to public. Three Gorges Dam and Three Gorges scenic spot have been awarded as the 5-A standard by the State.

Yichang City features the magnificent natural landscape and cultural landscape.

There are other attractions in Yichang City such as Xiling Gorge, Jiuwan Stream, Baima Cave, Guchaoyin Cave, and Nanjinwan dangerous canyon.

Three Gorges Dam History - Submerged Area

When the water level of reservoir of Three Gorges Dam increases to 175 meters, it is formed a largest submerged area of the world – Three Gorges Reservoir.

According to Three Gorges Dam History, there are around 632 square kilometers of land area has been submerged totally or basic submerged, including 2 cities, 11 counties, 116 towns and other countries.

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