Three Gorges Dam History Ⅱ
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Three Gorges Dam History Ⅱ

Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam History – Important Decision

In order to ensure the Three Gorges Project can be carried out smoothly, Chinese Party Central Committee and State Department took a series of important methods: the State Department published an article in January, 1995 to inform the government of every province, autonomous region and municipalities, Ministries and commission under the State Council to neaten every kind of illegal activities under the Three Gorges Project title.

Three Gorges Dam History – Construction

Three Gorges Dam was fully carried out on the left bank and right bank, and it has come into the first construction peak. Until the end of 1997, there dug 140 millions cubic meters earth and stone. The diversion canal on the right bank was navigable in June 30th, 1997 as it planned. The temporary ship lock on the left bank began to take shape; the earth and stone amount of permanent ship lock has complete 70%; basically completed the foundation of No.1 to No.6 enginery group on the left bank; the second stage river diversion and flow interception works were pushed ahead smoothly as it planned; the bank-head of the four cofferdam on the upstream and downstream were coming to the river center; the flat bottom project was carried out smoothly. In the end of September, 1997, the key project before the flow interception and immigration in Three Gorges Dam area were completed. It has been approved by National State Three Gorges Construction Committee that carrying out river interception in December 8th, 1997. Jiang Zheming general-secretary and Li Peng prime minister also came to the Three Gorges river interception site to inspect. Li Peng announced the order to intercept the river, and announced that the project succeeded at last. Jiang Zheming published important speaking and highly praised the success of river interception project.

The success of river interception symbolize the first stage planned aim of Three Gorges Project was completed successfully, and it started to the second stage construction work.

During this time, the works which were related with the second and third stage project were carried out.

Three Gorges Dam History – Migration Project

In April 10th, 1995, the first batch migration of Three Gorges Dam area started. 35 households of Zigui Xiangjiadian Village, Hubei Province migrated to Wujiagang District in Yichang County, Hubei Province.

In June, 1996, the design stage works about Three Gorges power transmission and transformation system basically ended. Based on the power transmission and transformation project budget estimate which has been approved by Three Gorges Construction Committee, the project came into the construction stage. In March 26th, 1997, the first single project of Three Gorges power transmission and transformation – 500 kilovoltage power transmission from Changshou to Wanxian started construction.

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