Three Gorges Culture and Folk Customs Park
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Three Gorges Culture and Folk Customs Park

Tanziling Scenic Spot

Three Gorges Culture and Folk Customs Park was built relying on Three Gorges Dam and the beautiful landscape of Three Gorges. It is located at Three Gorges Dam. It centers on the exhibition of the culture and history of Three Gorges Dam, the special ecology of Three Gorges and culture and history of the local people. It is made up of five main parts.

Hydroelectricity Museum

The first part is the Hydroelectricity Museum, including the exhibition of ancient water conservancy achievements, miniature park of Three Gorges Dam, circular-screen cinema, Three Gorges memorial hall, and the large-scale character statue. Visitors here could learn the history and development of the water conservancy of China. There are also the model of Dujiangyan irrigation system and some irrigation appliance in ancient China. Visitors could have a look of the operation of Three Gorges Dam in the modern and multi-function miniature park. Visitors could learn the history of Three Gorges, one million people relocation and construction of Three Gorges Dam in Three Gorges memorial hall. Visitors here could also enjoy the original landscape of Three Gorges and experience the great difference.

Three Gorges Environment Protection and Science Popularization Park

The second part is the Three Gorges Environment Protection and Science Popularization Park, includes Three Gorges geology gallery which presents the geology of Three Gorges Dam, the prevention of landslip, debris flow and the water and soil conservation of Three Gorges Reservoir Area. There are also exhibitions on Three Gorges stones, animal and plant fossils, and mineral resources. Visitors here could also get information about the rescue, protection and relocation of cultural relics be submerged.

Exhibition of Celebrities and Three Gorges

The third part is the Exhibition of Celebrities and Three Gorges. Various ways were took to exhibit the historical celebrities such as Qu Yuan, Wang Zhaojun, Li Bai, Du Fu etc. through the exploring of the history and culture of Three Gorges. The stories and famous works of these celebrities were exhibited for visitors to experience the profound and rich culture of Three Gorges while they enjoy the amazing landscapes of Three Gorges.

Ba and Chu Folk Customs Park

The fourth part is the Ba and Chu Folk Customs Park. Various statues and inscriptions present the history and legends about Three Gorges, such as Shennong, Goddess and Dayu etc. Visitors could see the special and local architectures, cultural and historical relics on the Ba and Chu Culture Exhibition Visitors could also experience the local customs, special music and dances here.

Complete Services Facilities

The fifth part is the large-scale parking lot and bus station and the tourism goods street. There are complete service facilities at Three Gorges Culture and Folk Customs Park. To meet the demand of the visitors, the match facilities of the scenic spot has been completed. The park has developed into a scenic spot integrate entertainment, shopping and sightseeing. Visitors here could enjoy a really wonderful vacation.

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