Summer Ice Cave in Wuxi County
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Summer Ice Cave in Wuxi County

Summer Ice Cave

Summer Ice Cave is a famous site of scenic and natural wonder. It is in the upper reaches of Daning River and located in the primeval forest which belongs to the Hongchiba Mountainous Pasture, and in the west of the Wuxi county town. The cave is about 2200 meters above the sea level. It is really high and sound. The mouth of the cave opens to the east and it looks like a triangle. It is 3 meters high, 5 meters wide, and more than 10 meters deep. It is a true site of scenic and natural wonders.

Summer Ice Cave – Amazing Landscape

It is called Summer Ice Cave for it owns a special feature: the ice here would melt in the spring and winter and would freeze in the summer. Just because of this, it becomes a worldly famous wonder and attracts a lot of visitors. If you visit here in the summer, you will find the land outside the cave is covered with green grass and blooming flowers while you can have a totally different view-a world of ice inside the cave. The most amazing one would be the frozen waterfall on the walls among these beautiful scenes in the cave. Its textures formed a gorgeous milky way. It’s absolutely worth to being praised as a spectacular and rare wonder. The frozen waterfall rush down the walls makes the visitors stop and admire it. When you are in the cave, looking at the splendid ice, you can even feel its power and can not help but to sigh: what an amazing. So it does seem that make a visit to Summer Ice Cave is a chance to enjoy a new surprise.

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