Stagger Gorge
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Stagger Gorge

Stagger Gorge

There are several stagger and towering mountains on the north bank of Yangtze River where is not far way from Daxi Town. That is the famous Stagger Gorge.

Legend of Stagger Gorge

It is said that there were 12 flood dragons playing and chasing in the sky above Wu Gorge. They caused furacana and did great harm to the local people. Yaoji - little daughter of the Goddess killed them with terrible thunder while she passing by Three Gorges. Unexpectedly, the bodies of the 12 flood dragons turned into giant stones and clogged the water course. The water flooded Sichuan Basin and caused great damage.

Shun (a legendary monarch in ancient China) appointed Gun to control the flood firstly. Gun dealt the flood with soil incorrectly. The flood situation was more serious and Gun was killed. Yu – son of Gun inherited his father's career, he continued the controlling of flood here. Yu focused on the dredging the water course and the flood was effectively controlled. But Yu cut the water course wrongly in a hurry. He cut another water course again with the help of Yaoji later and finally succeeded in the flood control.

There is a giant rock at the mouth of Stagger Gorge and that is said to be the Lock-dragon Pillar. The level ground there is said to be the Guillotine where the flood dragons beheaded.

Stagger Gorge and Goddess Peak

Stagger Gorge faces Goddess Peak across Yangtze River. Goddess Peak towers among the mountains and shapes like a fairy lady gazing into the distance with enamored eyes. It is said that the fairy lady is Yaoji. She settled down here after she killed the 12 flood dragons. She helped Yu controlled the flood, protected the woodcutter from beats, ensure the peasants good harvest, cured the patients and safeguarded the boats. The local people appreciated her kindness and help. They built temples to worship her. And Yaoji became Goddess Peak to safeguard people here since then.

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