Special Restaurants during Yangtze Cruise
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Special Restaurants during Yangtze Cruise

Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes

Delicious food of Three Gorges adds to the appeal of Yangtze Cruise. Visitors would like to collect some information about local delicious food and special restaurants of the scenic spots along Three Gorges before they start their trip. MYYANGTZECRUISE.COM would like to provide some information for your reference.

Chongqing Qi Hot Pot Restaurant

Chongqing Qi (Magic) Hot Pot is a restaurant which enjoys a good reputation in Chongqing. It is named Magic Hot Pot since you will not suffer from excessive internal heat after you eat it. As is well known, Chongqing hot pot is characterized by spicy and hot. People would suffer from excessive internal heat easily. Some of the visitors may be not used to very peppery food. So it is really a good choice for visitors come to Chongqing for Yangtze Cruise to have a taste of Chongqing local hot pot in Qi Hot Pot. Chongqing Qi Hot Pot has many chain restaurants in most districts of Chongqing. Visitors could find one of them easily.

Chongqing Cuiyun Boiled Fish Restaurant

Chongqing Cuiyun Boiled Fish is another recommended restaurant for visitors come to Chongqing for Yangtze Cruise. People could have a taste of the local boiled fish of Chongqing. It is also noted for its long history and good taste. The boiled fish e is the specialty of the restaurant. Some other local specialties (such as deep fried chicken and hot pot chicken) are also available here. It has many branch restaurants in Chongqing area and it has developed its restaurants in Hubei Province. Visitors could have a taste of its delicious food before or after Yangtze Cruise.

Huameida Revolving Restaurant

Huameida Revolving Restaurant is located in Optics Valley of China of Wuhan City. It is a famous restaurant in Wuhan Area which is noted for its comfortable environment and delicious food. Visitors there could enjoy various kinds of western style food. Its desserts are highly recommended. It is a good choice to have some western style food after several days of Chinese style food on Yangtze Cruise ships for foreign friends. Visitors there could appreciate the beautiful landscape of Wuhan Optics Valley of China while enjoying the delicious food.

Sijilian Restaurant (Four Seasons Love Restaurant)

Most of the Hubei-style local dishes are available in Four Seasons Love Restaurant. The specialty of the restaurant is its Soy Sauce Braised Pork. The Steamed Wuchang Fish and Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes are also tastes good. Four Seasons Love Restaurant is noted for its special interior decoration, good service and delicious dishes with reasonable price. Its delicious food will be an unforgettable memory for visitors Yangtze River Cruise.

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