Songji Ancient Town
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Songji Ancient Town

Songji Ancient Town

Songji Ancient Town – Historical Role

The construction time of Songji Ancient Town could not be versified. Songji was a material distribution center for the merchants of Yongchuan, Rongchang, Longchang, Luzhou, Tongliang, Dazu and Neijiang in the history. The rhythmical architectural relics, beautiful landscape, rich cultural relics and particular wharf culture left the people who have been there a deep impression.

Songji Ancient Town – Three Characteristics

People live in noisy cities would experience the tranquil environment, the clean pavement laid with flagstones and the fresh river breeze as soon as they step into the ancient town. The unique food culture here is also very memorable for the visitors.

Songji Ancient Town – Seven Wonders

There are Seven Wonders in Songji Ancient Town: architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasties (stilt-houses, quadrangles and column-and-tie houses), ancestral halls and temples (represented by Ancestral Hall of Luo Family, Ancestral Hall of Chen Family and Qingjie Temple), the sinuous five-meter long pavement aid with flagstones, Master's Tomb (the tomb of Chen Pengfei-a master who wrote a lot of scriptures in Southern Song Dynasty), the ancient county government house (also named Ancient Officer Temple), Chengong weir (water conservancy project of Ming Dynasty with a beautiful landscape, also named Fly Dragon Cave) and Small Island (there is the biggest small island on Yangtze River).

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