Scenic Spots of Three Visitors Cave
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Scenic Spots of Three Visitors Cave

Zhang Fei Beating Drum Platform

Three Visitors Cave is a giant cave on the South Peak cliff of Xiling Mountain, 7 kilometers to northwest of Yichang County. The back of Three Visitors Cave upon Xiling Gorge aditus of Yangtze River Three Gorges, the front side faces Xianao Stream. The cave is wonderful, the scenery in it is distinctive, mountain is green and water is clean. It is famous historical relics of Hubei Province. It was listed as the precious cultural relics under state protection in May 25, 2006.

Scenic Spots of Three Visitors Cave – Inscription

There are many stone inscriptions and wall inscriptions in Three Visitors Cave which are valuable in historical and calligraphy. All of the inscriptions are precious historical relics.

From Tang and Song Dynasties, the celebrities who ever came to Three Visitor Cave, like Bai Juyi, Yuan Zhen, Bai Xingjian, Ouyang Xiu, Su Xun and his two sons, Huang Tingjian, Lu You and every officer who ever held office in Yiling, have left something here in memoriam, like inscribing poems, carving tablets to record thing, total 100 pieces. There are 60 pieces remained and have been found, including regular script, clerical script, seal characters, running script and cursive script.

Scenic Spots of Three Visitors Cave – Lu You Spring

When you come out of Three Visitors Cave, walking along the stone stairs to Xianao Stream, you will find there is a square well on the middle of cliff which is Lu You Spring.

It is recorded in local chronicles, Lu You who is a patriot poet of Song Dynasty visited Three Visitors Cave when he passed by Yiling. He found there is a pond of clean water located on the bank of Xianao Stream, so he brewed tea with it. The tea smells fragrant and tastes sweet. At last, Lu You made a poem to praise the spring, hence the name.

Scenic Spots of Three Visitors Cave – Zhang Fei Beating Drum Platform

There is a column pinnacles on the top of Xiling Mountain where facing the river, and a little platform on the pinnacles which is Zhang Fei Beating Drum Platform. It is recorded in local chronicle, when Zhang Fei who is a fierce general in Three Kingdom Period was ruling today's Yichang, he ever beaten drum on this platform to practice his soldier. The statue of Zhang Fei vividly reappear his valor and heroic spirit. Every visitors came here will take photos as souvenirs.

Scenic Spots of Three Visitors Cave – Zhixi Pavilion

There is a pavilion on the top of Three Visitors Cave, near to Xianao Stream aditus which is made up of three pavilions in triangle shape, that's Zhixi Pavilion.

Zhixi Pavilion was built on the river bank in Song Dynasty by the satrap of Xiazhou (today's Yichang) Zhu Qingji to service to the punter and travelling merchants. This pavilion is one of the three great scenic spots of Xiazhou in Song Dynasty.

Scenic Spots of three Visitors Cave - Ba and Chu Dynasties' Musical Palace

The Ba and Chu Dynasties' musical instruments exhibited in Ba and Chu Dynasties' Musical palace including all the materials for musical instruments. The images of dancing are graceful. On the ancient style stage, the actors with classical national costume playing the ancient musical instruments, dancing the Ba and Chu style dances.

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