Scenic Spots of Shennu Stream
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Scenic Spots of Shennu Stream

Shennu Stream

Brief Introduction of Shennu Stream Scenic Zone

Shennu Stream scenic zone is new developed scenic zone after Three Gorges Project started. It is located in the south bank of Wu Gorge, 20 kilometers to Wushan County, Chongqing Province. In the gorge, mountains are high, valleys are deep, and water flows fast. It is in primitive state.

Scenic Spots of Shennu Stream

Feifeng (Flying Phoenix) Peak

It is one of the Mt. Wu Twelve Peaks, 740 meters in altitude. It is located on the west of Qingshi Town, west bank of Shennu Stream. The mountain extends from west to east, like a phoenix fly into the stream to drink water, hence the name. Goddess makes a golden phoenix become a peak, as beautiful landscape stay in Wu Gorge, company goddess. That's today's Feifeng Peak.

Cuiping (Green Screen) Peak

It is one of Mt. Wu Twelve Peaks, 740 meters high. It situated on the south bank of Yangtze River, back of Qingshi Town, west bank of Shennu Stream. This peak towering up from the mountain slope, covered by green trees, just like a green screen, hence named it Cuiping Peak. There are some poems praised the beautiful scenery of Cuiping Peak.

Shangsheng Peak (Ascent Peak)

Shangsheng Peak, as one of Mt. Wu Twelve Peaks, is 780 meters in altitude. It is located on the east bank of Goddess Stream, east side of Qili (Seven kilometers) Pond. The terrain of Shangsheng Peak is very steep, and the peak is protrudent. One angle of Shangsheng Peak soars straight up into the sky, just like a giant bird fly into the sky. So the name of Shangsheng Peak reformed. As the shape of the peak looks like a roc stretching its wings, flying into the sky, so the local people also called the peak Hawk Crag. Standing on the top of the peak, you can see the surging Yangtze River passing by thousands mountains and the Daling River flow over the peaks like a silver ribbon.

Qiyun (Cloud Up) Peak

Qiyun Peak is 720 meters in altitude, 8 kilometers to the east of Qingshi (Blue Stone) County. If you start from the Lanchang Crag of Goddess Stream, passing by the Qili Pond, you will reach the Qiyun Peak. Qiyu Peak was surrounded by the cloud and mist all the year. Qiyun Peak is a good place to enjoy the cloud and mist for the cloud and mist in the peak rise from the middle part to the top in different level, and it is changing constantly.

Jingtan (Clean Altar) Peak

Jingtan Peak is 1020 kilometers high. It is Located in the south bank of Wu Gorge, 5 kilometers to the south side of Goddess Stream, 15 kilometers to the Qingshi County. Jingtan Peak situated among valleys and mountains. The peak looks like an immortal quietly sitting on altar and chanting the sutra. There are Green trees and tendrils covering the peak top, wild animals living in mountainside and many rare medicinal materials exiting in the mountain. There are a clear pond under the peak, and a big platform on the peak which like a clean altar over the Dragon Palace. So this peak is named Jingtan Peak.

Jiaoting (the Top of Sedan Chair) Peak opposite to Jingtan Peak, it looks like a sedan chair in ancient.

Shouzhang (Hand) Peak, also named Immortal Hand. It looks like the hand of Buddha-to-be, with the thumb on one side.

Sleeping Beauty is located on the Shennu Stream aditus. It looks like a vivid beauty lay on her back with head toward right side.

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