Scenic Spots of Dicui Gorge
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Scenic Spots of Dicui Gorge

Dicui Gorge

Brief Introduction of Dicui Gorge

Dicui Gorge is the longest and the most beautiful one in Lesser Three Gorges. Dicui Gorge also named Huangyan (Yellow Rock) Gorge. It started from Feiyun (Flying Cloud) Cave to Waterfall Cave, extending 20 kilometers. On both banks of Dicui Gorge, there are many grand mountains which covered by green trees and bamboos, some waterfalls pouring down from the cliffs. Staying in the gorge, just like staying in a green color world, you will feel refreshed. With the mandarin ducks flying around the boats and apes sound among the mountains, the gorge becomes more quiet and beautiful.

Scenic Spots of Dicui Gorge – Mini Three Gorges

Mini Three Gorges located on Madu River which is the anabranch of Daning River. It is the generic terms of Changtan Gorge, Qinwang Gorge and Sancheng Gorge. Mini Three gorges is the sister gorge of Lesser Three Gorges on Daning River. It is smaller than Lesser Three Gorges, hence the name. Mini Three Gorges extend just 5 kilometers, the narrow waterway makes the mountains become steeper and valleys become deeper. In Mini Three Gorges, mountains are in various posture, water blend with mountains make the landscape become more beautiful. On both banks, steep cliffs facing each other and the narrow crack of the peaks make the landscape more charming, no body can resist the mountain landscape temptation. The stalactites which hang on the cliffs are in various forms and full of primitive and ancient atmosphere. Passing by the gorge by boat, you can enjoy the infinite scenery on the both banks

On the east bank of Qinwang Gorge, there is a cave. According to legends, in Ming Dynasty, there was a person whose surname is Qin, he was obey the emperor to make dynamite at here and he was meritorious, he was conferred on Qin King. So this cave is named "Qinwang Cave" and this gorge as "Qinwang Gorge". In the gorge, cliffs are steep and river flows gently, thousands miles shoal as straight as a string. When you look up, the peaks on the both banks towering into the sky, look very grand; when you look down, river as limpid as mirror, some fishes passing by and make spray shinning under the sunshine.

Scenic Spots of Dicui Gorge - Waterfall Cave

When you come into the Dicui Gorge narrows, there is a cave on the west bank cliff which is 10 meters in depth. There is spring flow out from the cave and flow down follow the mytiliform stalactite, it shining like a silver ribbon. In summer, you can see a five or six meters waterfall.

Scenic Spots of Dicui Gorge – Cliffside Buddha

Cliffside Buddha also named "Hall of the Arhats". There is a cave on the east bank cliffside, 1 kilometer to waterfall Cave, 30 meters to the water surface. The cave is 3 meters high and 6 meters wide. The various mass and the water erosion mark on the rocks formed some interesting pictures, looks like hundreds "Arhats" gather together. The "Arhats" are in different shapes, some of them are tall, some of them are short; some fat, some thin; some big, some small; some stands, some sits.

Scenic Spots of Dicui Gorge – Sky Spring and Flying Rain

There is a hundreds meters high spring pouring down from the sky at the east bank cliff, 1 kilometer to The Hall of the Arhats. The spring become rain fall down and form the misty rain scene.

Scenic Spots of Dicui Gorge – The Relics of Fortress

Next to Sky Spring and Flying Rain, there is a stone bulwark which is 80 meters high, about 400 square meters. This fortress was built in Qing Dynasty which was owned by an esquire whose surname is Luo; hence it was named "Luojia Fortress".

There are many sight spots in Dicui Gorge. When you come into the gorge, you will really feel the beautiful scenery of this gorge.

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