Scenic Spots of Dachang Ancient Town
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Scenic Spots of Dachang Ancient Town

Dachang Ancient Town

Brief Introduction of Dachang Ancient Town

Dachang Ancient Town is located in Lesser Three Gorges Scenic Spots (national 5A class scenic spots), Wushan County. This county was built in Jin Dynasty, as early as 1700 years ago. It is the only well protected ancient town in Three Gorges area. The whole town covered 10 hectares, with the main street extending 350 meters from east to west, and the north and south street extending 200 meters. It is a "mini ancient town" in which "you can hear the sound from other side" and "one light can lighten the whole town."

Scenic Spots of Dachang Ancient Town

There are three gates in the town, with Changyang Gate in the east side, Yongfeng Gate in the west side and Tongji Gate in the south side, all of them are well protected. There are several well protected streets in the town which was built in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The memorial arch and ancient buildings in the town are full of ancient characteristic.

Old Locust Tree in South Gate

There are tens steps connecting south gate and the river bank which have been polished very bright. There is a hundreds years old locust tree on the stone arch, with its root stock in the stone cracks of the arch and stretching along the stones and luxuriant foliage, just like a guardian standing before the gate. On both sides of the stone steps, there are two destroyed stone lions on guard make people feel a little lonely and bleak, as if to tell the history of the town and remind people to remember its former glory.

Ming and Qing Dynasties Buildings

When you walk up the steps and come into the town, you can see the old buildings with cornice and upturned wall on both sides which showing the former glory, and a narrow bluestone ancient track in the middle. There are only two main streets in the town, the south and north street extends 150 meters and the east and west streets extends 240 meters, the whole taown covered less than 10 hectares. There are 37 folk houses which were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties with rake angle and ancient cornice, and complete ancient city wall. Almost houses in the town were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties: grey bricks and tiles, double-tube eaves, cornice and rake angle, carved beams and painted rafter, wooden door. All of the features are showing the simple floridiness.

The Court of Family Wen

The court of family Wen is the largest and best protected building in the town. It was built in early Qing Dynasty, covering 320 square meters. The court is made up of hall, parquet and parquet circle with the wood house beam and roof, including 12 pillars and 37 beams. The whole building is column and tie construction, you can come in from portal and come out from back door. It is introduced by Wen Guanli who is the tenth grandson of Wen family, when his ancestor been the governor of a province built the building. Actually, the court of family Wen is an epitome of Dachang ancient town. As early as 227 B.C., Dachang is the downtown of Wushan County. Later, as the research in Dachang, we constantly find out the history of Dachang.

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