Shuibuya Dam
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Shuibuya Dam

Shuibuya Dam

Shuibuya Dam is on Qingjiang River (a branch of Yangtze River). It was praised as "A symbolic rock-fill dam which proves that the construction technology of China's rock-fill dam tops in the world" by International Commission on Large Dam.

Delegates from International Commission on Large Dam, Brazil Commission on Large Dam and China's Commission on Large Dam did technology verification and identification to Shuibuya Dam. They thought that the dam offers beneficial experience for the construction of higher rock-fill dam in the world.

Shuibuya Dam is 233 meters high and is 46 meters higher than Aguamilpa Dam of Mexico which was the highest rock-fill dam in the world. It is the only dam which higher than 200 meters in the world so far. It exploded the theory of the rock-fill dam couldn't be higher than 200 meters in the dam construction field. It also realized the technical breakthrough of construct a rock-fill dam in a karst area.

A lot of new techniques, methods and materials were employed in the construction of Shuibuya Dam. Breakthroughs were made in the construction technique, quality control and supervision, and some other aspects. The maximum settling of completed Shuibuya Dam is 1 percent of its height and the leakage of the dam is less than 40 liter per second. Its high performance is really rare and hard to achieve.

Chairman of International Commission on Large Dam - Luis Berga said that Shuibuya Dam is a milestone project in the rock-fill dam construction field. There are about 90 rock-fill dames are under construction and about 65 dams are under design. Shuibuya Dam will provide precious and beneficial experience for the construction of the other dams.

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