Shennong Stream
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Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream is a stream of Badong, Hubei Province, on north bank of Yangtze River. Shennong Stream takes its rise in south slope of Shennongjia which is "the first peak of Central China", flowed from south to north among deep valleys, joined Yangtze River at the place where 2000 meters to east of Wu Gorge aditus, lasted 60 kilometers. On the both bank of Shennong Stream, there are many mountains and whose peaks rising one upon another. It formed Longchang Gorge, Yingwu (Parrot) Gorge and Shennong Gorge which are rugged, elegant, wonderful and with distinctive features.

Shennong Stream – Geography

Shennong Stream last 60 kilometers, including 17 streams and 8 hundreds high falls. The stream flows among the high mountains and deep valleys, at last flows into Yangtze River. If you drift down the stream by the pea shell shape boat, you can see the both banks are steep cliffs which in 80 to 90 degree. The comparative height difference of each peak is about 300 meters to 1200 meters. The narrowest distance of each cliff is only 7 meters. Two little villages divide the 20 kilometers way into Mianzu, Yingwu and Longchang Cave three parts and each part with distinctive features. On precipice, there are not only dense stalactites, but also about 60 karsts caves in different size. Most of the caves were protected by the stone walls and there are some war remains on the walls. Among the caves, the most famous are Longchang Cave and Yanziqian (Swallow) Cave. Longchang Cave is not a stone cave, which is 10 kilometers in length, you can go by boat. Yanziqian Cave is 80 meters in height and 30 meters in width. There are thousands swiftlet inhabit in the cave, and fly over the deep valleys. There are many "thousands mound fields" which is formed by lava accumulating cross over in Yanziqian Cave, they look very spectacular. Shennong Stream twists and turns a lot and drop height of each part is high, so there formed about 60 shoals in different length and water flows rapid or slow. In some shoals, water level less than 0.5 meters, boat passing there will rub with cobble stone, just like sailing boat on land. There are more than 30 rapids in which average drop height are 1.7 meters, and the highest is 3 meters. Boat pass by here like arrow left bow that will give you the enjoyment of fighting with nature.

Shennong Stream – Climate

The base part of Shennong Stream is in subtropics monsoon climate zone. With the increase of altitude, there are warm temperate climate zone, temperate climate zone, cold temperate climate zone and some other climate types. The lowest temperature in Shennong Stream area is 21 below zero, and highest temperature is 38.5℃.

Shennong Stream – Entertainment Theme

Shennong Stream area makes the gorge landscape, tracker culture, Tujia music and dance, Dragon boat competition as the entertainment theme which is distinctive. Among them, the boatman work song and trackers towering boat have disappeared for several years. In order to develop travel industry, tracker towering boat project has been reserved. Now, it is the best protected trackers "living fossil"

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