Shennong Peak Scenic Area
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Shennong Peak Scenic Area

Shennong Peak

Shennong Peak Scenic Area is located in the southwest of Shennongjia. It covers an area of 883.6 square kilometers. It is one of the key scenic spots of Shennongjia and also a national AAAA scenic spot which is based on the well-preserved forest ecosystem, characterized by biodiversity, and presents the theme of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Shennong Peak Scenic Area - Abundant Animal and Plant Resources

Shennong Peak Scenic Area keeps a perfect subtropical forest ecosystem, and has an abundant animal and plant resources. There are 2419 species of vascular plants, in which there are 34 species under the state key protection. There are 336 species of vertebrate animals, in which there are 75 species of beasts, 308 species of birds, 23 species of amphibians, 40 species of reptiles, 47 species of fishes and about 600 species of insects. There are 67 species of animals under the state key protection. The biodiversity of Shennong Peak Scenic Area is of global significance and the complete forest ecosystem is of important realistic significance to the ecological balance of the Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River and the Central China Area. Shennong Peak Scenic Area has become a natural protective screen of the Central China Area, and was praised as the "Green Treasure Reserve", "Gene Reserve of the Plants", "Natural Zoo", "Shelter for the Endangered Species of Animals and Plants" and so on. Shennong Peak scenic area is called "The Highest Peak in Central China" which is 3105.4 meters above the sea level.

The unique geographical position, complex and varied climate types of the Shennong Peak Scenic Area contributes to the verdant forest and mysterious legend, and makes the area become the most charming and most typical natural scenic spots in China. Some of the experts praised it as an "Irreplaceable World-class Tourist Resource" since it is really an ideal place for ecological tourism.

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