Shennong Altar
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Shennong Altar

Shennong Alter

Shennong Altar - Giant Statue

The main architecture of Shennong Altar is the Giant Statue which has a head of ox and body of man. It is 21 meters tall and 35 meters wide. The two figures add together means our 56 nationalities united closely. The statue stands among the mountains, and the earth land is his body. His eyes closed lightly, looks like he is taking an insight into the world and thinking about the universe. In the altar area, the round and square graphic patterns are under your foot. They represent the Heaven and the Earth. In the square graphic patterns which present the Earth, there are five colors and they are fire, earth, metal, water, wood in the Five Elements Theory.

Shennong Altar - Totem Poles and Relief Sculptures

There are 10 meters high totem poles standing on the both sides of the altar. The big and small ox heads indicate that Shennong has a head of ox and body of man, and also indicate the propagation of the offspring. In front of the totem poles, there are two big relief sculptures. They present Shennong’s meritorious deeds in his life time. There are tripods and bell drum towers between the relief sculptures, Chinese people can worship their ancestor here. Up the 343 steps, you will reach the Respect Deck in front of the statue.

The Barbecue and Bonfire party of Shennong Altar

The barbecue and bonfire party of Shennong Altar take the villagers life as the background and reflect the local folk customs. The real life of the villagers is expressed clearly by the dances, such as the hunt dance, marry dance, and the nunchakus dance. The love song singing presents the express way of the young women and men’s love. They take the love song as their matchmaker and the shoe as their promise of love. You can also enjoy the wild tastes and have a taste of the Shennong rice wine supplied by the village girls. They will also teach you to sing a folk song. The whole party will offer you a lot of surprises and fun.

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