Scenic Spots of Three Gorges Dam
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Scenic Spots of Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam

Scenic Spots of Three Gorges Dam - Reception Center

There are complete service facilities in Liuzhashou Reception Center: booking-office, sightseeing cars station, big parking lot, clinics, restaurants, shopping markets, restrooms for visitors and so on. Free newspapers and books, cell phones' charge station, shoe polisher, potable water and showing documentary of Three Gorges Project are available in restrooms.

Scenic Spots of Three Gorges Dam - Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area

Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area was formally open to public in 1997. It was honored as the first batch of State AAAA-class Tourist Area by the State Bureau of Tourism. It covers an area of 15.28 square kilometers. It has five parks: Three Gorges Exhibition Center, Tanziling Park, 185 Park, Near Dam Park and the Closure Memorial Park. The tourism area based on the biggest water conservancy project - Three Gorges Dam, show the project culture and water conservancy culture all-directionally. It supplies the visitors with a multifunctional service which merges sightseeing, technological education, recreation and entertainment. It combines the modern project with the natural landscape and cultural relics organically. It has been a popular tourist resort among the visitors in China and abroad.

Scenic Spots of Three Gorges Dam - Near-dam Sight-seeing Point

Near-dam Sight-seeing Point is in front of the Electric Generating Set House on the left bank of the dam. It is the best place for a closer look of the dam and flood discharge. Look up to the dam on the viewing deck, the 185 meters high dam looks extraordinary magnificent. The splashes under the power station and the ordered transmission lines indicate that the powerful electric current are transported to the other parts of China from here continuously. With the change of the view angle, the majestic flood discharge landscape would make your blood boils. Looking at the splashes caused by the rolling down flood, you would feel that the force of the nature is tremendous, but human's intelligence is enough to fight against nature. Man will conquer nature.

Scenic Spots of Three Gorges Dam - 185 Sight-seeing Point

185 Sight-seeing Point is located at the port of the right bank of the highway on the dam. It got its name since it is 185 meters high (as high as the top of the dam).

It feels like standing on the top of the dam while taking an over look from the deck; you could feel the height of the dam. The 135 meters water level would make you feel you it was a huge lake in front of you. The flood dike and third phase construction concrete coffer in the upper reaches would be submerged or annihilated next year with the development of the project. When the Three Gorges Project is comprehensively completed, here would present a "lake landscape" with a 175 meters water level and also be the ideal place to view the ships cross the ship lift.

Scenic Spots of Three Gorges Dam - Tanziling

Tanziling (Jar Ridge) is in the line of the first batch of State AAAA-class Scenic Spot, and also the scenic spot developed at the earliest of the Three Gorges Dam Area. It was formally opened to visitors in 1997. It got its name for the view deck at its top looked like an inverted jar. It is located at the exploration point of the construction of the dam. It is the best place to appreciate the full landscape of the Three Gorges Project for it is 262.48 meters high above the sea level. Visitors here could not only enjoy the magnificence of Three Gorges but also view the "Fourth Gorge"- the towering two-way five-step ship lock.

The whole park is divided into three layers from top to bottom with the increasing altitude. There are Model Exhibition Hall, the Immortal Stone in the Bottom of the River, the Closure Stone of the River, the Cornerstone of Three Gorges Dam Site, the Silver-coated Heavenly Book and Tanziling View Deck. There are also magnificent fountains, beautiful waterfalls, sinuous streams, and green lawns. Take a broad view you would found it is a harmony picture between dynamic and static. It would make you feel like you were in a wonderful park.

Scenic Spots of Three Gorges Dam - Sight-seeing Point at the Top of the Dam

Up to the top of the dam (which is 185 meters above the sea level), take an overlook of the discharge of the flood, the thunderous flood was under your foot. You would feel it is more magnificent than before. Look at the whitecaps under your foot and the calm river in the distance, visitors could experience the dynamic esthetics and static esthetics. You could even see a beautiful rainbow in the water mist caused by the discharge of flood if it is a sunny day.

The breeze played in the water would make your heart calm down. Listen to the sound of the billows: breathtaking, exciting or bracing. Just put your emotions in the river. Maybe only take a stroll in the dam could you feel the real sense of the surprising change in the world.

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