Scenic Spots of Qinglong Waterfall
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Scenic Spots of Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong Waterfall

Brief Introduction of Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong waterfall located in Gan Ning Village of Wanzhou, where is the hometown of great general Gan Ning. It was estimate by experts, Qinglong waterfall is 64.5 meters high and 115 meters wide. It is the biggest waterfall in Asia. This district is typical karst landform, with steep mountains and dense forest. The unique features of Qinglong waterfall not only about its magnificent, but also about the waterfall is in bow shape which makes it looks like a water-curtain cave. Walking along the passage in the waterfall and enjoy the outside scenery from inside will give you a special feeling. There is a 2000 square meters cave under the waterfall. It is the best place for visitors to enjoy the waterfall. In the downstream of the waterfall, there are many fresh weeds and beautiful flowers, just like a paradise on earth. The tomb and statue of Gan Ning general are near to the paradise. The Gan Ning reservoir which located on the upstream of Qinglong waterfall is a good place for fishing and boating.

Scenic Spots of Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong waterfall scenic spot is an important scenic spot in Three Gorges landscape area. It can be divided into five scenic spots and 39 sight spots. The five scenic spots are consisted of Qinglong waterfall, Gan Ning Lake, Baiyun Cave, Guanfeng College and Xiaoyao Manor. These scenic spot gathered green mountain, beautiful water, dense bamboo, queer cave, quiet pool, wide waterfall, elegance rainbow, big lake, ancient tomb and celebrity's former residence together.

The Tomb of Gan Ning General

After died in battle, Gan Ning was buried in his hometown. As for he was belonged to Shu Kingdom, but worked for Wu Kingdom and died in Yiling Battle, his clansmen were changed their name and moved to other places for fear of involving in the case. Because of the local people were respect Gan Ning for his brave, they built a tomb for him secretly. Until 1932, a local teacher rebuilt the tomb for him and set up one monument before his tomb and one monument at the end of present Qinglong River Bridge. Gan Ning Town government ever built Gan Ning tomb which was damaged. Now, there rebuilt Gan Ning tomb and Gan Ning statue in the scenic spot.

Former Residence of He Qifang

The former residence of He Qifang in the scenic spot is another shinning point. He Qifang (1912-1977) is one of important figure in China's modern literary history, famous poet, essayist and literary critic. He ever served as the head of Chinese Academy of Literary and the member of People's Literature editorial board. He also wrote and published a series of literary and literary criticism books.

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