Scenic Spots of Huangshan Mountain
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Scenic Spots of Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain

Hot Spring Scenic Spot of Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain hot spring scenic spot was named fairy land in ancient. It is one of reception center of Huangshan Mountain tourism. The center of this scenic spot is Lansheng Bridge and stretching to other sides from it, with Peach Blossom Stream and Xiaoyao Stream in it. The altitude of the center is about 650 meters.

Hot spring, which is one of the four unique features of Huangshan Mountain, was named Tang Spring (Soup Spring), Zhusha Spring. It is recorded in Song Jinyou's work that Xuanyuan Emperor who is the ancestor of Chinese nationality ever had bath in the spring. Then, his wrinkles disappeared and came back to young. So this hot spring became very famous and was named "magic spring". The hot spring located in the south side of Zhishi (Purple Stone) Peak, north bank of Tangquan Stream, 650 meters in altitude. The average temperature of the main hot spring mouth is 42.5℃, while the subsidiary hot spring is 41.1℃, and the temperature will change with the weather and precipitation. It is effective in some sense for the disease about digestion, cardiovascular, netabolism, sports and other systems. There are dependence hot spring bathroom and swimming pool. Visitors can come here to bathe and relieve the exhausted after them go down the mountain.

Yuping Scenic Spot of Huangshan Mountain

Yuping Building is the center of Yuping scenic spot, and Lotus Peak and Tiandu Peak are the main body. The front mountain which people often say refers to this scenic spot. There are "Three Islands of Penglai", "Hundred Steps Clouds Stairs"," One String Sky"," New One String Sky", "Aoyu Hole" and other wonderful scenery on the way.

North Sea Scenic Spot of Huangshan Mountain

North Sea scenic spot is the interior of Huangshan Mountain scenic spot which is located among Bright Summit, Shixin Peak, Lion Peak and White Goose Peak. The east side connects with Yugu scenic spot, the south side combine with Yuping scenic spot, while the north side near to Songgu scenic spot. It is an opening vast land with 1600 meters in altitude and 1316 hectares. The main body of North Sea scenic spot is peak, and gathered peak, stone, fortress, platform and pines, clouds and other wonderful scenery. The features are grand, wonderful, steep and fantastic. With the fantastic arrangement of God and color change, there formed many rolls of natural pictures which are the scenery window of Huangshan Mountain. Lion Peak, QingLiang (Cool) Platform, Monkey Watching the Sea, Gods with Treasure, Flying Stone, Eighteen Lohan Facing South Sea and others will make visitors no time to blink. The Qinglinag Platform on Lion Peak is the best place to watch Clouds Sea and sunrise.

Songgu (Pines Valley) Scenic Spot of Huangshan Mountain

There is an idea about Huangshan Mountain that "the front mountain is steep, while the behind mountain is beautiful". The behind mountain refers to the Songgu scenic spot which is in the south gate of Huangshan Mountain.

Songgu scenic spot located on north side of Huangshan Mountain. It is the general named of the valley among Lion Peak, Camel Peak, Book Bellow Peak and Precious Tower Peak. It is the best tourism plan that visitors reached the north gate and come into the mountain from Furong (Cotton Rose) Ridge.

Yungu (Clouds Valley) Scenic Spot of Huangshan Mountain

Yungu scenic spot located in the east of Huangshan Mountain. It is 890 meters in altitude. It is an opening valley with low terrain. Cheng Yuanfeng who is a prime minister of Song Dynasty ever studied at here, so it is also named Chengxiang (Prime Minister) Origin. Fu Yanman who is a scribe of Ming Dynasty ever travel to here and write the two words "Yun Gu" as the monks asked. So the temple was renamed to "Yungu Temple". After long time, Yugu become the name of the place. The main sight spots of Yungu scenic spot are Yungu Moountain Villa, old trees, queer stones, "Nine Dragons Fall" and "Hundred Feet Spring".

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