Scenic Spots in Fengjie County
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Scenic Spots in Fengjie County

Heaven Pit and Earth Crack

Tourism Resources in Fengjie County

Fengjie County is rich in tourism resources. It is dotted with a lot of natural and human scenic spots. There is majestic Kuimen, worldly famous White Emperor City, and miraculous Tiankengdifeng (Heavenly Pit and Earth Crack), noted subsurface stream - Longqiao River, highly valued Kuizhou Elephant Fossils, mysterious Gold Cave and cliff-burying and Changlong Mountain which is famous for its Taoism culture. Fengjie County is in the center of Three Gorges Reservoir Area. After the accomplishment of water storage in Three Gorges Dam, you can see a huge lake arises amid mountains here. Its unique places of interests and scenic spots attract a lot of Chinese and foreigners here for sightseeing and inspection. It receives about 0.25 million of foreign and domestic visitors every year.

There is the biggest Tiankeng, and the longest Difeng in the world. Tiankengdifeng had been listed on the Candidates of the World Record of China as the longest tiankengdifeng in the world. There is the worldly noted subsurface stream - Longqiao River, the Qutang Gorge - one of China’s ten famous landscapes and China’s top 40 scenic spots, the famous historical site - White Emperor City, Yong'an Palace where Liu Bei left his son to Zhuge Liang, Zhuge Liang’s Eight Diagrams, the stone carvings and the cliff-burying in Qutang Gorge. All these historical and natural sites formed two special tourist area - one centers on Tiankengdifeng while the other centers on White Emperor City.

No one can use a pen describing the beauty of the mountains standing on the both sides of the Qutang Gorge exactly. The Tiankengdifeng is much more amazing than your expectation. With the construction of the well-known Three Gorges Dam, Fengjie is welcoming foreign and domestic visitors here for investment, sightseeing, vacationing, expedition and inspection with a brand-new look, open mind and relaxing environment.

White Emperor City in Fengjie County

White Emperor City is one of the first batch of AAAA scenic spot of China. It is located in the north of Qutang Gorge; Kuimen is in its east while the Eight Diagrams is in its west. It is the best place to enjoy the magnificence of Kuimen with water on three sides. There is a large clay sculpture in the White Emperor Temple, it presents the story of Emperor Liu Bei left his son to his premier Zhuge Liang when he got sick after his troops defeated in White Emperor City during the Three Kingdoms period.

Qutang Gorge

“No one can use a pen describing the beauty of the mountains standing on the both sides of the Qutang Gorge exactly.” is a famous poetry written by Zhang Wentao in the Qing Dynasty. The modern literary giant Guo Moruo wrote that “If we have to figure out which place has the most specious landscape; I will say Qutang Gorge will be the best.”
Qutang Gorge starts from Baidi Mountain of Fengjie County at its west to Daxi Town of Wushan County at its east. It is the shortest in the Three Gorges since it is only 8 kilometers long. It is famous for its magnificence. The entrance of Qutang Gorge also named Kuimen, is famous for its magnificence since there are steep cliffs on both sides of the gorge (the cliffs are hundreds of meters high and less than 100 meters wide) just like a gate. The mountain on the left side of the gorge named Chijia Mountain and the mountain on the right side of the gorge named Baiyan Mountain. Rain or shine, there is a silver ray either overt or covert. Qutang Gorge is just like a door of Yangtze River, the mighty water flows through the door. The cliffs standing on the two sides of the gorge seemed be cut and chopped by sword and axe. Looking up to the sky, you will find the clouds and the sky seemed to be in the same line. The water in the gorge is deep and swift, and it is less than 50 meters at the narrowest. You will be strongly shocked by the turbulent waves. Though the Qutang Gorge is short, it can control the water effectively. There is an old saying goes that “the cliffs tower into the clouds and the ships sail on the narrow water between the cliffs”. Ship along the river you can see the Ruins of the Plank Road, the Cliff-burying of the Fengxiang Gorge, the Divided Wall, the Phoenix Spring and the Hanging Monk. The Divided Wall is covered with inscribed steles of past ages and worth your attention.

Tiankengdifeng (Heavenly Pit and Earth Crack)

Tiankengdifeng is about 70 kilometers from Fengjie County town and 50 meters from the gold traveling route of Three Gorges. It is in the middle part of the Xian-Zhangjiajie tourism line. It covers an area of 456 square meters. It is made up of 6 scenic districts. There is the biggest heaven pit, the longest earth crack, the worldly noted subsurface stream-Longqiao River, the beautiful Labyrinth River. All these wonderful natural sites make Tiankengdifeng the ideal place for traveling, vacationing, expedition and inspection.

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