Scenic Areas of Lesser Three Gorges
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Scenic Areas of Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three Gorges is made up of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge, extending 50 kilometers. Lesser Three Gorges is beautiful and miraculous. Some people think there are six miraculous points: mountains are very grand, water is very limpid, peaks are very elegant, shoals are very dangerous, scenery is very secluded and stones are very beautiful. Lesser Three Gorges covered 18000 mou, and near to Yangtze River Three Gorges scenic area. It is an important scenic area of China.

Scenic Areas of Lesser Three Gorges – Longmen Gorge

The main gorge is from the west aditus of Wu Gorges to Silver Nest Shoal, extending 3 kilometers. This gorge is very grand and lofty. Two mountains face each other, there is a river in the middle, just like a door which was open by the god, and the cliffs like been cut by knife. So, it got the reputation of "how grand Longmen Gorge is ".

Longmen Gorgeis the first gorge, extending 3 kilometers. The narrows of Longmen Gorge just like the Kweimen of Qutang Gorge, the cliffs of two banks towering into the sky, and peaks facing with peaks, look like iron gates, very grand. So it also called "Lesser Kweimen"

After coming into the gorge, you will find the mountains on the both banks are towering, green bamboos on the cliffs are shaking slightly. On the cliff of east bank, there is a clear spring slowly flow into the river, that's "Longmen Spring". On the cliff of west bank, you can see many holes on it and orderly stretching 300 kilometers to Black Water River. These holes are the remains of ancient dolly way. There are Black Lion Guard the Door, Nine Dragons Pole, Silver Nest Shoal, Panda Cave, Lute Canton, Mojiao shoal and other scenic spots.

Scenic Areas of Lesser Three Gorges – Bawu Gorge

Get out of the famous dangerous shoal – Silver Nest Shoal, you will come into Bawu Gorge (also named Iron Coffin Gorge).

Bawu Gorge stretches 10 kilometers, and many queer stones on the both banks formed many suits of natural statues, and all of them are full of humor and wit.

In Bawu Gorge, you can see Turtle Shoal, Monkey Catch Moon, Horse Hoof Mountain, Tiger out, Dragon in, Fairy Throw embroidered Ball, Bodhisattva on the Lotus Throne, Suspending Coffins, White Snakes out of Cave, Two Dragon Town and other scenic spots.

Except that, there is a black suspending coffin on the cliff crack of east bank, popularly called "Iron Coffin", so this gorge also called "Iron Coffin Gorge".

According to textual research, this "iron coffin" is the suspending coffin of Ba people in Warring States Period, instead of made by iron. But they are similar in color.

Scenic Areas of Lesser Three Gorges – Dicui Gorge

Dicui Gorge is located between Shuangnong to Tujia Ba, which is the longest and most charming part of Lesser Three Gorges.

Dicui Gorge is about 20 kilometers in length. There are steep cliffs, large amount of stalactite, and water drip from stone and everywhere is green, hence the name. There are boundless momentums and beautiful wrought scenic spots.

The main landscapes are: Waterfall Cave, Cliff Buddha Statue, Luojia Fortress, Sheep Shoal, Madu River, Mini Three Gorges, Dengtian Peak, Dolly way, Rope Bridge, Boat Coffin, Feiyun( Flying Cloud) Cave.

The beauty of Lesser Three Gorges is assembled in Dicui Gorge, so it gets the reputation of "There are boundless beautiful places, but the most beautiful one is Dicui Gorge".

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